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Some thoughts about food obsessions!

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I've been thinking about just how much my life revolves around food! I mean, most people probably look forward to going places and things they will do when they get there, all I think about is what I am going to eat when I get there. When I am doing SS I tend not to go many places because I know I'm not going to be having the burgers/cakes etc etc that I really want to have when I get there. I've realised that this is the whole route of my problem, i.e that I completely obsess about food and let it rule everything I do. Until I can actually look forward to doing things and going places and be apathetic to food I am never going to crack this. So my mission is to use this period of SS to try and embrace things in life and realize that food is not what life is all about. If I can manage to do this and shift the focus away from food, maybe this time I can keep the weight off and not revert back to the binging like I always have in the past
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There are a couple of books that have been mentioned on the maintenance thread - I've just started reading them so I'm not in a position to comment at the moment but yes, food is a big part of my life and I'm trying to re-educate myself. The books are
Eating less by Gillian Riley
The Beck diet solution (or similar) - both can be found on ebay/Amazon for about £4 - there are plenty of diet books around but less in the way of support when you need to maintain and rethink your attitude. Go up the plans though, don't just start eating 'normally' as I didn't have any concept of what normal was
Boardwitless is SOOO right

The plans are SO important. Going back on food as normal...is just like throwing away ALL the hard work done on SS/SS+ etc...what i waste of emotion/time/money etc
I think that a lot of people will be able to sympathise with you and will have felt exactly the same. Food can certainly dominate your life and everything begins to revolve around it. However, this cycle can be reversed.

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Thanks for your input folks


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I know exactly what your saying, I'm the same, associating places or activities with food. A good book I'm reading is Paul McKenna - I can make you thin, its all about teaching yourself to think differently about food.


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I've just started Gillian Riley's book in an attempt to try and re-educate myself about my eating habits. I thought I had it straight last time I did CD. But it's obvious that I haven't cos I'm back on the diet again having not learnt my lesson. This time I will though!


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I totally agree with what you say.

I had my first meeting with my consultant last night and we were talking about how much revolved around food.

Mothers Day/Birthdays/Anniversarys etc - the first thing people think about is giving chocolates - or similar.

Celebrations - we go out for meals.

If nothing else, this time on Cambridge will mean my OH will have to think harder :p

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It's mad aint it! If my missus says let's go out for the day, I don't think "Oh I really fancy going to the beach or to the park" or anything like that, I just think about what places has food I can eat when I get there :D Terrible really, I will crack it one day!

8 goes at CD (all initally successful) 2 shrinks, a nutrionist and Hypnosis and I still aint cracked it :D
Mothers Day/Birthdays/Anniversarys etc - the first thing people think about is giving chocolates - or similar.
You're not kidding, chocs are always an easy option but that's all change for my OH now.

I made sure the kids (ie daddy paid) have got her a new Trollbead for mother's day this year. I got her the bracelet for Christmas so hopefully that'll be the 'easy' choice rather than chocs. Bit more expensive though...