some vegan s/w help for meal ideas please x

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I think Hastalavegan has a diary on here you could take a look there.


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It's easy really, just focus on what you can eat rather than what you can't - once I twigged that, vegan was easy!
I usually make up a big veggie stew once a week using a can of creamed sweetcorn as part of the stock. Sometimes I bung in some curry powder for a change. I use about a tablespoon of oil but since it makes enough for about 4 days it's pretty low in syns.
I also have Fry's sausages - the 'plain' ones are syn free - with rice & Heinz curried beans - that can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Branstons veg ravioli is vegan and - I think - syn free.
If you do a search for margyparker, she's vegan too and her food diary is really good.
SW do a '100 green recipes' book which has quite a few vegan recipes in.
Can't think of anything else at the mo - good luck!


hiya ive just changed from vege to vegan but im wondering if there are some meal ideas availble on s/w for vegans thanks x


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I usually find it helpful to just veganise syn-free dishes like spaghetti bolognese, chilli etc by using soya mince. If you pack the sauces full of veggies you'll get your 1/3 superfree too! Also, making a huge batch of soup and freezing it in small containers for lunchtimes has been a lifesaver for me. Chickpeas and other pulses are free on Green so you could maybe make a chickpea dahl or lentil curry with rice? Good luck with your veganism and SW journey! :)