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Somebody pick me up and shake me please!


Grappling with life
Hello nice people of minimins!

I fell off the wagon at the end of August and have not got back on it since. I have gained just under a stone since then and now weigh more than I did when I originally joined ww.

I feel bloated and unhappy and in the need to get back on it. I can't afford to rejoin my group until the end of the month when I get paid, but have all the tools to help me up til then. I am one of these people that need to go to group to really stay focused.

I still kept lurking in the forums even though I wasn't sticking to plan. I woke up this morning with a stinking headache, my back and legs aching and I know a lot of my pains are due to my weight.

Anyway, I need taking in hand. I have got a chicken in the slow cooker and lots of veg for my lunch. We do have a cheesecake for afters but I will measure my slice as opposed to just chomping through half of it as normal.

I am comfort and boredom eater. I have been really miserable at work lately and despite having sent off loads of applications and having a few interviews I still haven't got another job. I can't afford to simply leave my current job so have been proper miserable, add to the equation that my current job allows me to eat all day and its not a good combination!

Anyway, waffle over.
Thanks for listening.

Georgina x
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well done for coming back! i fell off the wagon a few months ago too and i just rejoined last week so i know how you feel. keep applying for those jobs and something will work out if you keep at it. good luck with your ww journey and first week xxx
Hiya, I know money can be tight but do you have a spare £12.....

I went back to class last week and the deal at the minute is your monthly pass for £12 so that would see you through the first month, then it goes up to the normal price.

Might be worth it if you are like me, I need the focus of a group and someone to weigh me, also I like a start point. Just have a think where you can pull the £12 bqck from, its only 1 takeaway!

Good luck x x x


Grappling with life
Thanks for having me back

Well done for getting back on plan even while things are hard. Just picture how proud you'll feel at Christmas xx
I am hoping to shift about a stone by Christmas - enough to see and feel better to keep me going over the festivities!

Size 16 will do... I am debating scraping a few quid together and going back this week, my leader sent me a note saying this week is the last week she can keep my membership open before it lapses, but I have open evening 3 nights this week, so its going to be a job fitting it in, next week is much easier to be honest so might opt for that.

Thanks again

I know how you feel! I eat out of boredom as I am unemployed at the moment and feel depressed. However, over the past two days I've tried hard to stick with my points, maybe going over a few but this morning I seem to be a couple of pounds down. For me , it's really encouraging to see the scale move a bit and that's what is encouraging me this week. I read in a success story this week about a tip that sounds very helpful. The lady said she got a figure of the person she wanted to look like and with photoshop stuck her head on the body. She said that when she felt like giving up she would have a look at the pic. I'm gonna try this! You can do it... u just need to get back on that waggon... it's so hard to start but after that u'll be away... if u need a buddy please don't hesitate to contact me it'd be nice to encourage each other as I do really struggle too xxx

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