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Somebody please stop me!!!!!!!!!!

Argh my star week was due last week and its still not arrived and its sending my cravings haywire. I've resisted so far and been really good but today I've not eaten much as felt bloated all day but now I'm hungry and even though I've got lots of fruit in the fridge, all I fancy is peanut butter on white toast! We don't usually have white bread in the house as its my weakness but tesco had run out of hubbys wholemeal for his pack up today and I didn't realise we had ran out til last minute so had to get white :( Help me!!!
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Step away from the toaster!!!!!!

Have you got any fat free yogs in the fridge? or anything else 'free' to munch on? Failing that, go to bed, I do that sometimes in the evening just to stop me thinking about food.

lol thanks jo, I do that too usually but I'm updating my mums CV at the min for a job she wants to apply for tomorrow. Hopefully won't take me much longer. I do have some shape zero in the fridge, might have 1 instead, thannks hun x
Stay away from the peanut butter:whoopass:!!!!

I've not checked the syn value though... is it definitly a nono? I wouldn't know peanut butter is in the same catagory at marmite to me...:9529::yuk:

Hope you feel better in the morning x
Dont do it, just think how annoyed you'll be if you step on the scales this week and have gained all because of peanut butter and white bread. I know its not the same but have some fruit and yogurt, then you wont be hungry and you can feel good for resisting :)



Fluffy lil flutterby :)
*runs and pounces on vix*

right- i will remain here, sitting on you until your cravings go!!


ugg- i have totally been there- its frustrating. hope the evil cravings go soon!
I don't know either re syns, I usually aviod it as i assumed its high syns but hubby has it in. I used to hate it until I was pregnant then its the only thing I really craved apart from icecream and full fat coke (proper healthy cravings....not). Hope star week being late and craving peanut butter isn't a sign. Its quite often late though so I'm not worried yet.


Fluffy lil flutterby :)
peanut butter is 4 1/2 syns per tablespoon

white bread is about 4 syns for medium thickness (per slice)

i would say- if you think that some peanut butter and *one* slice of bread will do the job re. craving, and you have syns, go for it....

but if you think it would make it worse, don't lol
Thanks ladies, i'm still resisting :D
Thanks bubblez I agree it probably wouldn't be enough to satisfy the cravings and its not worth the syns. My daughter isn't going to be happy with me in the morning though, I've just finished off the strawberries and they're her favourite. Oops.
I've been craving a capuccino with sugar in all night and just about managed it. I'm in bed now and pleased I've managed to control my craving.

Do you have to have peanut butter in the house? If its your downfall, dont buy it. Throw it in the bin quick!
We don't usually have it in the house, hubby bought it from one of his random trips to tesco. I'm not usually bothered about it, just tonight. I'm gunna tell hubby to finish it whilst me and my daughter are on holiday next week so its not here when I get back lol.

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