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Somebody slap me please......


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I have been trying to restart after a planned weekend off CD!! I am finding it so hard to get back on track!! I have only a few weeks left before I go on holiday and at this rate I will be gaining a stone before then rather than losing it!!

Any advice please??!!

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Ah, the dreaded planned weekend off.......i remember a time when i had a planned weekend off, had good intentions to start back on CD on the Monday and what harm could it do? Its only one weekend..............
2 years later and I've only just got my rear end and my head in the right place to get back on track!
You NEED to get back on track and you need to get back on track NOW!!! (don't make me beat you!)

You have the perfect reason to get the most out of the next few weeks. Do you want to be on holiday having pics taken secretly thinking to yourself that you could be so much thinner 'if only' you got back on track?

Don't wait until tomorrow, get back on track NOW! Starting first thing in the morning is always hard. Whatever you may have eaten today - write it off - you're back on CD as of NOW!!! Drink, drink, drink. Paint your nails, go out for a walk, do all those things you've been putting off, stay busy and stay away from the food.

You know if you don't that not only will you feel rather rubbish until your holiday you won't feel as utterly fantastic as you could have done while on it!
(if that makes sense)

Sending positive vibes your way........


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Hi Emma,

I won't be giving you a slap, it just won't help!

However you can just spend a few minutes thinking about why you're choosing this diet for now.
Ask yourself if the results are worth the price of not eating?

Everytime you think about putting something in your mouth that won't help you towards your goal, just take a moment, pause and ask if eating it will really make you feel better or worse?

And remember we are not living in a time of famine. Once you have reached your goal, that foodstuff will still be around and you can choose to enjoy it at a later date!


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what rayven says is so true, that's why I'm dreading days off and for now I've managed not to have any. But I would do some type of physical change, like taking a long bath, while leaving slips behind (make a home spa) to start anew. I would do this because of the symbolic aspects of "cleaning" yourself but you can find your own ways. Tell us how you're doing.


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S: 16st0lb C: 13st8lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 31.6 Loss: 2st6lb(15.18%)
Thank u so much for your help.
I do want to do this!! Just my head is playing games with me at the moment!!

I work as a early years support worker, so I sit at a table with children and serve them lunch!! I have been so good until this week!! Today I ate mixed roasted vegetables and salad!! I keep saying oh it won't hurt!! But I know it does!! I know that the need for food is in my head.

Well as from now I'm back on plan!! Going to drink lots of water!!!


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Well, it could have been WAY worse. You could have eaten, say, a huge pizza (loaded) and half a cheesecake. Like everyone says, just write it off and keep on going! You know you can!
Yes - I was just thinking that roasted vegetables and salad was a fairly virtuous cheat!

And a healthy one too. So just get back on track and don't worry about it.


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Come on EmmaLou! Not much further to go if you stick to it! It will be easier to get this out of the way now than when it gets colder in the autumn!

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