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Somebody stop me please!!


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Hi can someone help me please! I've been doing so well with my weight loss and had a target to lose a few more kgs by the end of April. But the other half is away at the moment and I just can't stop eating junk to comfort myself! I know it's TOM in the next few days n that is showing a difference on the scales and I keep eating and saying oh it's time of the month that's why!! Who am I kidding?? Someone please give me a kick up the bum!! :((
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Naz - Do NOT give in!! You are doing really well and the fact that you are on this site means you are on the way to controlling yourself. Read some of the threads - thats what I do when I feel a rush of the Cadbury's coming on, get out of the kitchen and grab an apple on the way. (Yes, I know apples cannot compare to chocolate but it gives your mouth something to do and I find it puts me off chocolate).

Think about how you want to look, what you want to wear and imagine how good you'll feel tomorrow that you didn't cave in. I hate it when I wake up and I'm not even hungry as I'm too stuffed from the night before (of course, I still manage a bowl of porridge or something!).

Take it day by day and you'll be fine :)

Pomooky XX
Come on Naz! Remember why you're doing this! You want to be healthier, fit into smaller more gorgeous clothes and generally look fab! Put down whatever you're eating now because you can't stall now when you've been doing so well! Sorry for all the exclaimation points but it makes me get all fired up lol x
Dont dooo itt!!! Try and keep your mind busy with other things, have a glass of water, and push through it :)


dont loose hope. Keep your faith high and stay positive on your goals and aims. ;)
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Thanks! After posting on here I stopped for the nite, wis me luck for today, going to drop kids to school and then go gym! Xxx


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Hey people!! Gues what? I lost 1kg!! I'm so happy not much I know but still brings me a little closer to my target of 77kg by the end of this month!! Thankyou for all your support!!! Xoxo oh and that's only 2 kgs left yo lose!! Wish me luck n keep up all the good work xxx

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