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Total Solution someone give me a kick up the bum

seriosly i dont know what rong with me i cant seem to stick to it this time im good all day then the dreaded evening comes and my partner will come home with wine and goodies bnag i cheap i have something grrrrrr i hate myself for it and i even thought about makeing myself sick last night ( i know i know not good ) i realy have to stop this get focused i have 6 stone to lose to get into that dream wedding dress no way i want to look back at wedding pics and think my god how fat and ugly i look i have bang on a year ( but want to do it sooner ) wedding in 9th June 2012

everyone please give me a kick up the bum ...... lets try againe today shake from breakfast soup for lunch bar for dinner ...... then water water water and coke zero

see i have it all planed it just never goes to plan :(
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Right... try having an early night until you get a grasp on it. I am on my restart and having to go through the horrible hunger and headaches because i was a muppet and ate food. So i am back to early nights again. x


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You have a year to lose 6st...... have you considered doing working solution? Total solution isn't for everyone and it doesn't mean you've 'failed' its just about finding what works for you. I do TS some days mostly I do WS and the odd day I do SS. It works cos I know I can eat if I want to........ Or you might find it easier to ease yourself into TS by doing WS for a few days. Is your OH not being supportive cos that makes things very difficult for you (but not impossible)............ you have to focus on what you want and then find the best way for YOU to get there............ big hugs and good luck xxx
see it want to do TS as im no good with portions once i eat 1 thing i think sod it and carry on thats why i chose this diet im going to stick to it today and just take one day at a time

my partner is supportive in the fact he wants me to do it but he also dont see why he should give up things hes 6ft and underweight so hes trying to put on it dont help also its my birthday sunday and ive been invited out for a indian sat night ut i have turned that down i dont need to go realy do i i can have friends round or something

i feel i may b in the zone today we will se when i pick kids up and they start on i want chips i want sweet i want this i want that


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remember the first bite is the best, so why don't you have just one bite. You'll actually see that junk food is not that good....


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Try and explain to him how important this is to you, and maybe ask him to just have these things outside of the house until you get into the swing of things?
Please please please don't think about making yourself sick again! To be honest I don't think your partner IS being supportive, he may say the right things but by bringing home goodies and wine in the evening he is doing the complete opposite! He may not need to lose weight but you do and want to so he should support you fully with that as it is going to make you happier in the long run. Can he not bring home things that you don't like? Or just things that aren't going to tempt you? Since I started this I told my partner that from now on I would only be cooking things that I dislike so as not to be tempted to pick lol! He has fully supported me on this and even said he won't be drinking at home at all whilst I'm on Exante. This won't be forever, just for as long as my mind has trained itself not to need food. I really hope things change for you as it seems such a shame to waste all your hard work during the day for some goodies in the evening that are clearly getting you down x


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When he gets in with his goodies go and have a soak in the bath whilst he enjoys them. Good luck and stay strong. Remember your gorgeous dress you want to wear and feel special not ashamed xxxxx
My ex used to be over 6ft and underweight..used to scoff family sized trifles and cakes to try and gain weight...It dont work....he wasting his time....And putting temptation in front of you when you feel vulnerable is not being unsupportive as such its probably more a case of him being just a little thoughtless ....if he actually wants you t lose weight and feel good about yourself he will understand that its not helping you at all having wine and treats put near you in the evenings....

Stay strong hun..you can do this diet ..its just hard getting back in the zone isnt it...I feel exactly the same at the moment xxx
thanks so far ive been 100% today and im cooking their dinner soon as if i dont cook my partner wont eat at all and will stuff crap into his mouth

must say had my first soup and wasnt impressed at all but by haveing shake soup then bar i find i feel im haveing meals instead of just shake shake shake like i was doing b4 im going to try and wate to have my bar untill kids in bed in the vening as thats when we pick when kids gone to bed i need to go to shops to get some coke zero and dr peper zero in cans i prefer cans instead of the big bottole


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Well done on being 100% so far today,... keep it up! You can do this!

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