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someone please help me???

I really need some help.

I am 5'2 tall and weigh 12st 10lb. I want to be 9st 7lb.

My daughter's 1st birthday is in 2 weeks and I would love to lose some weight before then!

I managed to lose 3lb last week doing 600 cal a day, but this is not healthy.

I am very confused - people say that VLCD make you end up putting the weight back on.

I just don't know what to do - or eat - to lose weight. My BMI is 32.

I want quick results as I am feeling so depressed and fed up. 3-5lb a week would be amazing for me.

I don't know what diet to do, what will get me into ketosis, I just don't know.

I can't afford to buy any diet plans, so it's all DIY for me.
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I once managed to lose a fair bit in the space of 2 weeks on the Atkins diet.
You may like it, but if not you would need to consider changing to something like slimming world after 2-3 weeks if you're not getting on with it. I only stuck at it 3 weeks cos I got sick fed up of the food I was eating, that is cos I am fussy though.

Good luck
Hi blondehoney. Both atkins and dukan will give you a quick weight loss initially (mostly water) and they are both low carb. They arent (as arent any diets) quick fix because if you have a massive carb binge you will most likely end up putting a lot of weight back on.
have a look on the dukan and the atkins thread and see what people are eating etc. Or feel free to pm me (ive done both) for any more info.

best of luck x


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Hi, as both Vicky's have said low carb eating is a great way to lose good amounts of weight, whilst not having to go to the extreme of starving yourself. Also cutting down on carbs can also make you feel less bloated and generally feel lighter too.

Also what people say about putting weight back on after VLCD's or meal replacements is usually because people haven't gone through the appropriate stages of re-introducing foods in moderation.
Yea a low carb diet would be the best for quick results. Unfort in my experience quick results never last..tho i know ppl who have done vlcd and maintained. Think u really hav to hav ur head in the game. Good luck!

I would say go with whichever diet you feel you can stick to whether it's a quick results one or not.

On most diets you can lose quite a bit in the first week or two which will give you the impetus to continue. You are far better to reach your daughters birthday just a few pounds lighter and keep it off than lose more in the 2 weeks and put it all back on again because you can't stick to the diet you've chosen.

Good luck with whichever you choose.

By now your daughter will have had her first birthday. Did you manage to lose any weight?

Why did you want a 'quick fix', was it in time for your daughters birthday.

I think what is important is losing weight in a healthy & steady manner. Don't set yourself impossible targets but realistic weight losses.

Take a look at the food diaries on her from all the weight loss plans & see which you honestly feel could fit into your life now. Also post any queries in each diet plan section you may have, this will help you in deciding which plan will be best for you.

Good luck & don't forget to let us know how you get on.

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