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Something to be proud of?!??

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A colleague and close friend of mine is leaving on Friday and moving abroad (so jealous!) and I’ve been left in charge of organising the leaving lunch. I put my name down for a grilled Thai Chicken sandwich this morning when I passed the menu round – big mistake!!!!!

I’m also going to a good friends house on Saturday night for a night in to meet her fella and for her to meet mine – its been planned for about 6 weeks and as this is the first weekend that we’ve both had free to get together, the original plan was drinks, drinks, drinks, lots of laughs and all that malarkey.

Just before lunch I fancied a can of diet coke and thought to myself ‘I got weighed yesterday and had a good result, it’s the start of a new week and I’m going for lunch on Friday anyway and then off to my friends on Saturday night so I won’t be sticking to it 100% - may as well have the diet coke?!?’

…Silly girl!!!! I opened the can, took a mouthful and then realised what I was doing – putting myself on to a slippery slope to undoing all the good work and effort that I put in last week and now I feel ridiculously bad.

I went straight on the internet and started reading up about what can kick you out of ketosis and how long it takes to get back in to it. If I was to keep my plans for the rest of the week, I could imagine it being a + rather than a – on my weigh in card next Monday :(

I’ve scrubbed my name off the menu list for Friday and e-mailed my buddy telling her not to get me my share of the wine for Saturday night – I’ll bring my own soda water. I still don’t feel any better though and I hope that this way of thinking doesn’t carry on or become a regular issue.

I got home last night and thought, Ohh weigh-in day = treat night (those who have been on WW/SW will know what I mean! LOL) and then had to talk my way out of being so ridiculous – after all, it’s a combination of bad habits that have got me in this situation in the first place – please tell me it gets better??? I know that I’ve done the right thing NOW but I shouldn’t have done it in the first place and I’m really beating myself up about it :(
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Hey, don't beat yourself up about this too much - you are still so early in your LT journey that the wobbles are natural.

Don't start me on treat nights (my friend is doing SW and her treats are whole blinking banquets!!!)!!!

The thing about a total food replacement (TFR) is that you DON'T think of food or drink (esp alcohol!) as a treat. which isn't to say that you can't enjoy it all once you get off LT but that you have time to reconsider the way in which you 'use' food.
S: 21st6lb C: 20st9lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 40.3 Loss: 0st11lb(3.67%)
Thanks Elle-Emm :)

A lady that I work with who is also on LT has told me to be stong and not mess it up - she said that she once made the wrong choices one week and gained the 9lb that she had lost the week before - does it really go back on that quickly??
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Hey frustrated , dont beat yourself up about one mouthfull of diet coke . I dont think it would kick you out of ketosis anyway.

Well done on deciding to stick with LT for weekend . You know yourself there is always some occasion or other coming up and I think it would be harder for your system coming on and off LT every few weeks. There will always be more partys and nights out . This is only for a while and it is so worth sticking with it.


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You just have to get it into your head that you can have these things once your at your goal weight and have refed properly


Here we go again!
Please stop being so hard on yourself. That sip of diet coke wont do you any harm and the best thing is you stopped yourself from going crazy with it. You've taken stock of things and are now in total control of the weekend ahead, what with the menu and the drinking. You've done really well and I consider what you've done as a hurdle overcome. You could have gone mad on your weigh in day, what with it being a treat day. I did SW and know exactly what you mean about that!!

You sound very in control now and that is the main thing. You did the right thing by only having a sip and getting back on LT 100%.

Stick with it cos the results are really worth it and just remember, everything you want to eat or drink now will still be there when you have finished. Good luck and stay strong. You can do it.


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I applaud you. When you could have kept going, finished the can, ate the lunch, treated yourself all night, you didn't. That's fantastic progress. If you are anything like me you would have kept going on the down hill slope on any other diet but this one. There is something about LT which makes us feel more accountable to ourselves, perhaps helped by this forum also. So yes you should be proud of yourself. Well done. Best of luck for the coming days.


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Hi Frustrated
You should be really proud of yourself for what you have just done. Just re-read your thread...potentially, there were three occasions where you could have gone off the rail; in your mind especially.
You stopped yourself with the diet coke, and that says it all, because you could have said, "sod, it, it is only diet coke", but you didnt.
The lunch and taking your name off...good for you. You will feel well good when it comes around and you wont eat anything.
And, probably most importantly, the night with your fella/mates...that one potentially could have made you go downwards..but, again, you stopped yourself.
You have conciously did things that maybe before you would have said it didnt matter, and you can always make it up afterwards.
Not so with this diet, and I think you knew that and obviously reasoned with yourself.
I think you have come a long way in just a week!
Well done - I do think you have made a fantastic decision and I am sure you will be rewarded on WI day!!!!

Take care


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Well done! Doing LT is not only about losing weight but also addressing the issues that made us overweight in the first place. You've learnt something which will help you after you are back from your food holiday. So you deserve a big cheer! and be proud that you stopped the downward spiral (I've been to WW too so know the slippery slope). Brilliant. Good luck in your next WI.


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I agree with everyone else! You've shown amazing willpower, and determination to stick at it. Your ability to put down the coke shows you realise what it was that got you here in the first place, and are now in a good place to address and beat your food issues once and for all! Some of us come out of our LT journey without ever having that 'eureka' moment that comes when we realise we don't NEED that piece of chocolate/drink/slice of pizza etc.- that we'll survive quite okay without it!
Well done!!
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You did well. You weighed up the options and came to the right conclusion that it really wasn't worth destroying all your hard work. Treat lipotrim as a DE-TOX for your body, to remove the cravings for foods that made you fat in the first place. I waqs very nervous to re-feed, thinking (wrongly) that I would go completely off the rails as soon as food touched my lips. BUT food no longer has a grip on my life or emotions. This has, actually amazed me. Being slim and looking fantastic in all my new size 14 clothes is more of a buzz than ANY food could ever, ever give me. I treat my body like a temple now, and only want to put healthy stuff in...to get a healthy body out!!! Sorry if it seems like I am giving a sermon, but Lipotrim has really changed my life.


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Hiya, you are doing well and you should be proud that you pulled yourself back from making a mistake. It would of been easier to say you would start to get but it is alot better and braver to carry on your lipotrim journey. I know what you mean about the reward on weigh in night as I have been on ww. I still treat myself now but I wait til I lose a stone then I will have my eyelashes dyed and permed. then the next stone a pedicure and so on and so on.

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