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something to put u off food lol


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Hee, hee!!! Why would anyone do that? Yuck!
I had a C-section - didn't even see mine, wasn't offered to take it home...thank God!


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OMG that's it now every time I feel hungry im gonna think of this recipe lol


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no, no, no!!!! My OH wouldn't even cut it! I was out the game thankfully didnt get option.


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When my little sister was born we all watched, it was an amazing experience, i was 12 at the time.

Me and my sister touched the placenta and learnt about it...it was interesting!

Didnt eat it though lol.

She's 13 on Friday...so so scary! x


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when i had my 1st, i had a student deliver her, after he had to take the placenta to be measured etc??????

The poor guy was gagging & couldn`t do it, i thought he was gonna faint, it was the 1st time he1d ever seen 1 up close.

he came round the ward the next day to apologise...........lol


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Nowt wrong with a bit of placenta! Some of those pictures of placentae on there are pathological though, so thats probably why they look a bit maney!

As much as I love midwifery, and how amazing an organ such as the placenta is, I don't think I'd ever eat one!



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I think placenta lasagna has a nice ring to it though. Perhaps I should invite the ex round for tea and cook it for him tee hee.



Must do it this time
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thanks for that kimmie,i was tucking into my mousse when i clicked on the pictures,it ALMOST made me not finish it,but not quite lol,
elaine x

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