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Somethings a bit fishy....


My husband = My hero
Hey hun

Well I haven't tried the soups yet as I heard funky things about them!

I did just have a chocolate orange bar and now I have an after taste of Stilton cheese?!?! How bizarre, do you think the ketones distort our tastebuds?

yuk I cant stand it !! or any of the soups for that matter - they suck :( ! and yes ketosis deffo effects tastebuds x


Slowly but surely x
all the soups taste like dog poo to me :(
Im a shake and bar girl through and through and I cant wait for the bloody choc mint one!
NOpe - haven't tasted that - Leek and potato is the only one I like - I have at least one a day!


Slowly but surely x
Hi rumbly-tums how are you getting on? I read some entries of your diary the other day and you're so funny! Hope all is good with you.
Having a rough week with 2 parties and a day trip to london. I havent cheated, just had to sift my way through eating what I can that wont kick me out of ketosis. Bluergh! then added a ton of exercise too. I guess Im finding it tough this week x
Wow good for you! I haven't done any exercise during the plan as I feel physically uncomfortable when I exercise! I think when i get to 13st I will get on the old treadmill as the OH is getting me one for Xmas:) what are you doing for Xmas, foodwise? X
Anyone else think the leek and potatoe soups taste of fish???

Eurgh I got one for the first time today just drinking it now and all I can taste is fish!!!


Hi hun, I've not tried it myself, and reading your description of it don't think I'll bother anytime soon!

Just mint choc for me with an occasional bar thrown in :D


please try again
i tried the leek and potato only once, i woke in the middle of the night and i could still taste the damn thing, it was not good

oh and the taste reminded me of a rather bad fish pie


My husband = My hero
Thats exactly what i thought - fish pie!

can still taste it now.. thank god iv got my choc mint shake to have hopefully will make the yakky taste go away!!!!


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