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Sonia's diary

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Slinkyson, 22 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone just wanted to introduce myself! I've been on and off plan for a few years! Had my daughter last June and needed to lose 8 stone so far I have lost just over 6 stone following s&s!
    I haven't been 100% all the time due to Xmas etc but still so pleased in aiming for another 21lbs by 24th may (get married on the 25th may) eeeeek and I have the dress it's a little snug!

    So anyway this is me I look forward to sharing ideas and support witg
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  3. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member


    This is my progress so far;

    Top photos weighing 18.2 after have my daughter in June last year,
    Middle photos weighing 15.5 on 1st dec 2013
    Bottom photos are today weighing 11.13
  4. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member


    I put the wrong middle photos up!! Anyway this is my progress so far! :)
  5. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member

    Great start to the day 'bod balance' I'm going to feel that in the morning wish I was more flexible I really have no sense of balance, almost ended up on someone's back haha!

    So today my brothers visiting from London and we are going for afternoon tea I will sit there with my mug of tea whilst he indulges into the scons etc I'm a nice big sis ha!
    Then off for a long walk along the canal lovely day here so can't waste it, just about to make choc s&s pancakes for breaki then having chilli with zero rice & a baby bel then god knows, will just see how I feel in abit :)

    Happy Sunday everyone
  6. Clinquant

    Clinquant Well-Known Member

    Good to see you back and great that you have been carrying on and done so well.

    How's the wedding dress looking?
  7. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member

    Hia nice to be back, :) wedding dress is a little snug but I haven't tried it on in 4 wks trying it this sat so hoping it fits better! Eeeek so exciting, I need to get my finger out been messing about these past 2 weeks so I think this sat should get me re-focused :) how's you? How are you getting on?
  8. sukie sue

    sukie sue this is My time to shine!

    wow ! 6 stones , well done , that's a fantastic loss and your looking amazing . good luck with the last run of weight loss until your wedding xx
  9. Clinquant

    Clinquant Well-Known Member

    I'm doing fine. Two stone to go but taking it a bit slower. You've done so well and I'm sure the dress will look stunning.
  10. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member

    Well went for my dress fitting today instead of Saturday! It's still very tight at the top of my back, hips & lower part of my stomach but it fastened up perfectly this time so I know another stone or so and it will be spot on! :)
  11. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member

    Have decided to have a few days off and re-start on Monday 31st! I have a meal out, afternoon tea and 2 parties & mother days this weekend so taking myself out of ketosis starting tomorrow then back on it 100%on Monday to try and aim for as much as poss till my wedding dress fits properly!

    I have 1 planned weekend off April 25-28th (my hen weekend) but if after this my dress is still not fitting right then I shall be back on plan for a further 3 weeks! Fingers crossed it fits better, re-started doing yoga and swimming this week so I'm hoping that helps plus I'm walking 30 mins a day too so fingers crossed I will see these inches come off :)
  12. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member

    So day 1 of my re-start had a planned weekend off and as sad as this may sound I'm sooooo glad to be back on it 100% I've missed not being in control of what I eat!!!! It's the only thing in life that we can control and I'm certainly not ready yet to come off plan! I'm not weighing myself as I know I have put some on so just going to plod on and weigh myself Friday as usual! Really hoping for a good stone and half in 7 weeks ideally more but whatever I lose between now and then is a bonus :)
  13. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member

    Urghhh day 2 of my restart the headaches are full on now but I know in another 24 hours or so I will be in ketosis so all is good! Can't wait to get the ketosis energy boost and the fab nights sleep I always sleep so well when in ketosis :)

    Hope everyone is plodding along nicely ;)
  14. Ellem

    Ellem Well-Known Member

    Good luck with your first week :) x

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  15. Clinquant

    Clinquant Well-Known Member

    Hope ketosis hurries along. Love it when the sleep kicks in.
  16. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member

    Thanks huni
  17. Slinkyson

    Slinkyson Well-Known Member

    Evening all
    It's been a while I'm back to shift this last 3 stone! I'm on the s&s fb page which is fab but there is no diary bit so I'm here to keep a check on myself :) 9 wks till Xmas I'm aiming for 2 stone off!
    Happy sliming everyone looking forward to getting back to it!
    Oh I'm on day 2 of my restart so hopefully ketosis should be here by weds/thurs :) bring on the dog breath and cold feeling ?
  18. KBQueen

    KBQueen Yummy Mummy in the making

    Welcome back, I'm back too, day 1 today. I had a different name last time but can't remember what it was but I remember your username. Good luck x
  19. Clinquant

    Clinquant Well-Known Member

    Hi there. Good to see you back and good luck with it. You'll soon be in ketosis.

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