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Sony E-Reader or Kindle?

I dont know anything about the sony one but I have a kindle and LOVE it - cant imagine life without it now and the customer services are brilliant if you need them (I had a minor query)
Kindle is fabulous. It's not back lit so it's much easier to read, the screen look like the page of a book. You can download books straight from the internet, categorize them...loads. Would highly recommend it.


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You can get lots of cheap and free ones though! :D

I love that I'll be able to take as many books as I like on holiday and decide what to read when I get there! x
I love my Kindle-currently reading the Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larson-for the three books in total it only cost me £7.98! Was dead against the idea of an e-reader at first, then hubby got me one as a suprise and couldn't be without it now!
I have a Sony touch and I love it, its fantastic :) Definitely recommend the touchscreen option. I do loads of travelling and I have around 120 books (mostly free from Project Gutenberg as already mentioned) which is wonderful for long haul flights and even just putting in my bag and taking out - I love to read anywhere. I haven't got my hands on a kindle yet though so I can't really compare. I like the fact that Sony has lots of available formats, but the kindle could be the same, I don't know!


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why not look for an internet tablet with android, and get the kindle app (free) then its not just an ebook reader but also a web surfer and media player ;) they start from around £100. I use my phone (android) and my ipod touch (with their own ebook app and the kindle app).
Also if you go for kindle, you can read on your pc too :)


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My father bought my DD (who is 12) a Kindle for Christmas. I am using it, too -- and never thought I'd like something like this but I do. She likes it, too.

I adore my kindle and couldn't be without it. There are also pirate sites were you can download books and use Calibre to change them over - not that I would do that!


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Course not!! - But DO share the links for those of us less ethical than yourself ;) xx
amazon do have free books too - worth keeping your eyes on the site as some change from time to time - ive picked up some good book by being on line at the right time

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