Soon to start Rick Gallop's Low G.I. Diet and looking for others doing same!

Discussion in 'GI Diet Support Forum' started by Cate1898, 5 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Cate1898

    Cate1898 Member

    I'm new to minimins forum and will soon be starting the Low G.I. Diet by Rick Gallop. I need to lose 65 lbs which really is a lot. I love food, especially all the fatty rich and especially salty foods! But unfortunately I like all the foods that are bad for me. Now that is not to say there aren't foods I like that are good for me. But like everyone else preparing healthy food takes time and sometimes I am not very good at budgeting my time. I hope to improve on all fronts! I have gone out and bought about 4 of Rick Gallop's books, 2 of which I found at a thrift store. They have lots of yummy looking recipes in them and I am hoping to start in 2 days on Monday. I have a cold right and sore throat right now and not feeling as motivated as I would like partially due to this. So wish me well and I hope to find more of you doing this same eating plan!!
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  3. chrissie2108

    chrissie2108 Full Member

    Hi im considering starting this diet
  4. elianas_mum

    elianas_mum Member

    I'm starting this tomorrow ? xx
  5. chrissie2108

    chrissie2108 Full Member

    I started this but after a day or two I decided to do slimming world as very similar and the variety and what u can eat is amazing and so healthy I love it
  6. renandstimpy

    renandstimpy New Member

    Slimming World? Never heard of it. Will read up on it asap. I started the GI diet a couple of days ago and it seems to be the way to go. Hardest part for me is the portion control. Whereas breakfast used to be 1 cup oats, 2 dozen egg whites and 2 cups frozen berries, I just have to scale that back.
  7. chrissie2108

    chrissie2108 Full Member

    Then I would deff recomend slimmin world, there's no limit to how much u can eat, have a look online and find your nearest group you can go and physically talk to a consultant and they can explain it, it can take a little bit to get your head around but it's amazing and you can eat so much you never have to go hungry :)

    Iv lost nearly 4stone following slimming world

    Started 2/4/14 on sw total loss to date 3stone 9lbs
  8. renandstimpy

    renandstimpy New Member

    Thanks again Chrissie. I have been reading up on it as much as possible. We unfortunately don't have reps here (Ontario, Canada) for the Slimming World, but it sounds solid. Wondering if my understanding of nutrition, combined with the knowledge I have gained would be enough to give it a shot? Thanks

  9. chrissie2108

    chrissie2108 Full Member

    Ohhhh I see, well many people follow it online from home, there is a while slimmin world forum on minimins and there are many people who would happily answer any questions, a lot of people me included find it mind boggling at first x

    Started 2/4/14 on sw total loss to date 3stone 9lbs

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