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Sooo hungry


Been liberated by Exante!
sal210707 said:
Been on diet 9 days and still soooo hungry. Did Cd before and stopped being hungry after 3 days :-(

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I have had a hungry day too, no reason. Did what I always do. It's perhaps less distractions at the weekend? But I can't work out why some days are just more difficult than others. Let's hope tomorrow is an easy day?

Hang on in Sal. It will get better I'm sure.

Thank you... Very proud of myself today, alot of temptation! This morning my husband and daughter had waffles with Honey... Me=shake, for lunch we went to a cafe and they had a lovely German breakfast ( I live in gemany) consisting of warm rolls, boiled eggs, ham, cheeses, and then my daughter had ice cream and hubby a piece if cake! I had a coffee!:-( then shake when I got home.. Then hubby snacked on crisps and choc in afternoon and ate a few sweets... Then a neighbour brought some cake round which she had left over from BBQ...went in the bin... Then hubby had lamb for supper and I had a piece of salmon and veg and shake, AND he had a couple of beers, and wine( he sounds like a piggy but he is very fit as he is an army officer!! I did not cheat once ... Laughed in the face of temptation! OMG it was hard!!!! Very proud... And drunk 4 lt today!!

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I'd a tough day too, was at a bday party with a fab buffet- my fav! Then came home and hubby had a BBQ for him and kids. I scurried away with my soup....

Have been lying in bed since 7pm trying to fight the urge to go down stairs and gorge on something!



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its been very warm the last few days, maybe you need to drink some more and that might help. I am not sure chick.

You did good resisting all that temptation too. Its not easy so well done.

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