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soooo disapointed :( feel like giving up all because of yoo yogurts :(


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so disipointed :(
i have been (what i thought 100%) this week,
tesco's offer on the yoo yougurts just took for granted they were free and was having 2-3 a day for the last week!
little did i know (my fault for nt cheeking) they are a whooping 7 1/2 syns each!
so i have had a gain this week was so shocked when i got weighted i had been that good i was excpecting 3-4lbs off! :~(
just feel like giving up :( x
just hope no one else was as silly as me xx
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I am very surprised to hear this, as a two newbies who only joined our class a week ago and had their first wi lastnight lost 7 & 7.5 lb - after also eating lots of 'Yoo' yoghurts!
Our consultant told us that although 'Yoo' are fat free, they are absolutely jam packed full of sugars! She said that head office are currently checking them out, to let us know exactly what there values are.
Dont feel disheartened, just take each day as it goes. Weight loss is not a race, you need to pace yourself for a steady healthy weight loss. Yes you may feel upset by a gain, but I always think it helps to kick my butt into action and re-discover my get-up-and-go!
Good luck for this week, I'm sure you'll do great! x


It's a mistake and we all make them! The biggest mistakes wouldn't be the yoghurts, the biggest mistake would be giving up on a potentially fabulous weight loss diet/journey after one we bump.

Hang in there
I was tempted to look at these in Tesco because they had no vanilla activia snackpots :eek::eek::eek: and I don't like muller vanilla - compared the contents with a muller and realised that the sugars were mega high so didn't buy any - glad I didn't!!! but I wish Tesco's would get their act together and Waitrose and start stocking activia vanillas again as I just love them!!!!!!


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I don't think they are as high as that - people have worked them on the syn calculator as 2 to 2.5 syns each, so not hugely bad.

Okay you've had a bad week but it is not as bad as you think. What will happen if you give up? Be honest - you will likely end up putting on more weight. So put it behind you and move on. Nobody said it was going to be easy and there will be weeks when you sts or gain even though you have been 100%. That's just the way of things - the secret of successful slimming is knowing that after a bad day/week you can just climb back on the wagon and get on with it. If you give up at the smallest hurdle you will never get where you want to be ;)
Blimey, I bought 8 yesterday, looks like the kids will be eating them now. Thanks for the heads up. I did it once with lemonade, I didnt realise I hadnt bought the "diet" ones and must have been through 4, 2 litre bottles over the week and I had a gain too.
ive had a pretty crappy week too after my daughter sabotaged a sandwich i bought from the cafe she works at and put my so called healthy houmous and salad sandwich on white bread and after she said i added tons of butter too! cow! so i lost the plot and had a iced apple donut to feel better NOT!! i dread to think what going to happen on weigh in day plus its coming up to the magical time of the month so im just wolfing and craving crap but trying to resist! we will wait and see eh! goodluck


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Someone mentioned these at group last night...was going to come and warn everyone. Just shows how much we need to check :(

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I think its a mistake we have all made somewhere along the line so dont beat yourself up about it. Concentrate on having a fantastic week this week now you know where you went wrong & I'm sure you'll be rewarded for your efforts
Yes we all do things in error then realise afterwards, we are human after all! Just draw a line and at least you know now, btw I love the activia snackpots vanilla too, lovely on strawberries, much nicer than the mullerlight ones. They seem too thin now to me, the acivia ones are far more creamy
I posted something similar about the Mullerlight black cherry and chocolate, a friend told me they were free but they're 2 syns. Saying that though they are just delicious and well worth the syns.

You'll be fine as you can see so many of us have done similar!


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