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Sooooooo pancakes....

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I've just stood and cooked about 20 pancakes and ate none. However I have eaten some chicken and meatballs but that's another thread.


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i like looking at what my friends have made! they look good but i think ketosis stops my mouth from watering. I have no sweet cravings at all!
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ive just cooked25 pancakes 4 mine and nephews and didnt eat any i do lovvvvvve pancakes but opted for omelette :)
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I've just been to nephews birthday party and they were having a pancake party...lordy it took some strength not have one, came home and hubby is making me an omlette now. x


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I only just managed to resist this morning as I watched rest of the fam eat them with strawberries and whipped cream......oh my......we have done well people!!!


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..............not a single thought of pancakes in our house tonight!!!!!!!!!!! It is just me and my hubbie and he is a healthy eating freak anyway so it's just a normal night for us both............thank god!!!!!


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Have been very lucky as hubbie away tonight and my little girl went to tea at her friend's so phew, no temptation here. I LOVE pancakes and would have really struggled if i had had to make them for the family!
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I made the Pancake recipe I found on FB with only 1.5 per pancake....sorry but just not the same:( But at least I had my yearly fix...next year I will have the propper ones again with heaps of sugar and lemon on them
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Ups sorry misunderstood the Heading!!!
I did not resist...I had some


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Resisted by avoiding ALL potential pancake situations

Love them sweet or savoury!!! :drool:



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I have to give a MASSIVE shout out to Marc my partner. He has been on TS for 8 days while I only lasted 4 days before I started WS because I couldn't hack it!!!

We are not esp religious (practice but don't attend church IYKWIM) but shrove Tuesday is probably his fav religious festival for no other reason than pancakes ;) Been together nearly 11 years and I have have to cook in excess of 15 just for him at times.

So believe me when I say that this year has been a HUGE sacrifice for him to have had none this year and I could not be prouder to tell the truth :D


really trying again!
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Totally resisted- well done to us exante babes hey! Stood and cooked a stack for hubbie and wasn't even tempted despite loving pancakes (was more tempted with his mash but resisted that too so feeling rather smug now hehehehe!)

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