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Thanks, i was thinking something along those lines - just wasn't sure. Also ahve never made soup before, but am guessing it;s a case of boling - and i can do that no prob! :)

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Check out the zero points veggies and use whichever you like. Soup is easy. Put all the veggies in a large pan, add either water or stock for more flavour, cook everything til soft then whizz up to the consitency you like. a hand blender is especially good for this and you can usually freeze the results! :) I have a very old points recipe for zero tomato soup and zero veg chilli. you'd need to check them against new guidelines but I'll post them if you want. X

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Every ounce is bounce
I've started a new thread on the WW bit for recipes. X

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Every ounce is bounce
you're welcome. also have recipe for low point lemon mousse which I'll post. not technically zero but 1/2 per serving I think it'll pass!
No Point soup suggestions

Brocolli, cauliflower (and I don't usually like cauliflower) and brussel sprouts, few stock cubes, curry powder, boil, blend.

Butternut squash with carrot (or red pepper - carrot makes it thicker) and ginger, chillies (not too many!) garlic and stock cubes, boul, blend.

They're my two favourites, though the first one I call 'swamp soup' as that's what it looks like!