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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Weston, 9 January 2010 Social URL.

  1. Weston

    Weston Well-Known Member

    Day one and i didn't make it to my meeting cause i've got a horrible cold. I weighed myself at home instead. OMG, it was the heaviest i have ever been in my life. But i haven't got time to get down about that because this year is gonna be a slimmer me.

    I started the day with a nice bowl of porridge and a cup of tea with skimmed milk and sweetners. Since i got out of bed about an hour and a half ago, that's all i've eaten, but i'll make sure i post a full days 'menu' at the end of the day.

    Anyway, good luck peeps for the week x
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  3. Kater-tater

    Kater-tater Well-Known Member

    Good luck with your diet!
  4. Jo Slim

    Jo Slim Well-Known Member

    Hi Sophie,
    I restarted WW yesterday & I,m doing it myself from home. I too want a slimmer me for 2010, I think the support on here will definitely help!

    Good luck:D
  5. Weston

    Weston Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking, i may go it alone. I don't see why i shouldn't be able to do it on my own. i'm got the books, scales and calculator and my own ww bathroom scales. I can still weigh in every Saturday morning, which i did this morning. I've sighned up for the Jan challenge and i challenged myself to lose 12lbs this month, so that is my motivation.
  6. Weston

    Weston Well-Known Member

    Hiya peeps, i've completed my first day of the weight watchers plan, and i must say that i loved it and i didn't feel hungry. I even had a girlies night in at a friends house and arrived with my own weight watchers crisps and healthy snacks. They were all eating chips from the chippy and chocolate cake and because i was armed with my goodies, i didn't feel deprived or left out. Anyway, here is what i ate today.

    Saturday 9th January 2010
    Points allowance: 25

    Breakfast: M&S Apple and sultana
    porridge: 4
    1/2 pt skimmed milk: 1

    Lunch: wholemeal pitta bread: 2
    30g grated mozerella:2
    Breakaway biscuit: 2

    Dinner: ww chicken balti meal:5.5

    Evening binge: 2 ww crisps:2
    Tesco sushi snack pack:3
    Fruit salad:1
    Alpen light bar:1

    Chocolate biscuit:1.5

    25 pts used
    0 pts saved
    Last edited: 10 January 2010
  7. Kater-tater

    Kater-tater Well-Known Member

    Well done for resisting chips! Your a brave woman.
  8. Jo Slim

    Jo Slim Well-Known Member

    Hey well done Sophie, and yeah You can go it alone, I lost 24lbs last year doing it myself from home, unfortunately I let it creep back on but thats another story:eek:
  9. Weston

    Weston Well-Known Member

    Ah thanks for your encouragent. It is hard to resist the 'naughty foods'. I was in town earlier and i was freezing cold and i was starving. The big yellow M across the road caught my eye. Mcdonalds!!! I don't know about any of you, but when your cold and tired u should want something nice and warm to eat. So i was arguing with myself for about 5 mins. So instead i bought a low fat cheese and ham sandwich from tesco and as soon as i got home, it went straight in the sandwich toaster and i ate it with a nice cup of tea. This plan is definatly teaching me to make wise choices with my points. Cause McDonalds 15.5 pts or cheese and ham toastie 5.5 pts?
  10. OneDeterminedChick

    OneDeterminedChick Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN

    Hi Sophie, just wanted to say good luck with your journey, you seem really positive and motivated...keep up the good work!!!

    Well done on having your snacks with you at your friends!!..x
  11. Weston

    Weston Well-Known Member

    Hiya Lindz, well done on u too. From your profile it looks like you've done well.

    The reason i am so focused is on Friday my friend posted a photo of me onto my facebook page from a party we had a couple of weeks ago. I was mortified!! I looked so bad!! I swore to myself that i was never going to be that size again. I want to be proud of how i look in photos, not devistated. It always something like that to give us a good kick up the behind x
  12. OneDeterminedChick

    OneDeterminedChick Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN

    Thanks chick, i'm really proud of what i've done so far, got my w/i tomoro, not had a w/i since 21st dec cos class was off over xmas/new year! A bit apprehensive about how i'll do, I don't feel as though i've lost anything, so i'm looking for a STS at least!

    I know what you mean about photos. When I post photo's of anyone on facebook/bebo I make sure no one looks horrible/fat or too stupid!!! lol but there's always someone that posts every single photo from their camera and I cringe as i'm browsng thru!
  13. Weston

    Weston Well-Known Member

    Ah, i'm sure your weigh in will be fine. But even if you've stayed the same, it's better than up. Good luck though and please let us know how u do x
  14. Weston

    Weston Well-Known Member

    Right this is day two, and even though it's early in the evening, i'm not eating again today....she says lol

    10th January 2010
    Breakfast: M&S apple and sultana porridge:4
    1/2 pt skimmed milk:1

    Lunch: Tesco light choice ham and cheese sandwich:5
    1tbsp flora extra light:1/2
    Breakaway biscuit:2

    Snack: Sushi:3

    Dinner: Tesco light choice chicken pasta: 5 1/2

    Snacks: 2 alpen bars:2
    ww crisps:1
    fruit salad:1

    25 pts used
    0pts saved
    Last edited: 10 January 2010

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