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Sorry a bit of a personal question!


I apologise if this is a bit too much of a personal question. I was wondering if those of you who have reached your target weight do/did you have trouble with skin being left?

I have to loose around 8 stone 2 lost 6 to go and this has been playing on my mind. I moiturise every day but dont now if this is doing any good.

Any advice or personal experience grately appreciated. :eek:

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From what I have heard any sagging skin will eventually fall in line with the weight lost and mould to your new shape - BUT apparently this doesn't happen over night! If we were doing one of the diets where you loses smaller amounts each week, the skin would shrink in line with the lose, but unfortunately it isn't able too with the degree of weight loss that we experience each week.

So you will have two options - either one, wait for your skin to catch up, or two, have a little nip/tuck and wake up a good few pounds lighter.


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I agree with Corey. But I also think its a some do some don't kind of scenario.
Although with 8 stone you should be okay. I have lost just over 3 stone with 4 to go and although my skin is not firm firm its not bad. I moisturise like a demon though. And exercise helps too.
Hi SarahLou, I've lost around 5 stone. Sorry to say that I do have some loose skin. The worst places are my stomach, inner thighs and tops of my arms. Having said that, I think I would be the only person to notice the loose skin on my legs and my arms look fine unless I have them at a certain angle. My stomach is pretty bad but I've also had a baby so it was in a bit of a mess because of that anyway. My regime is as follows: I do a full body brush every 1 to 2 days and I moisturise with a good quality but relatively inexpensive body butter product every morning and evening. Lots of people use Bio-oil but I didn't try it. I think the very best thing to do for your skin is to body brush as it stimulates your veins and lymphatic system and apparently also helps break down cellulite. There are websites that tell you how to do it properly so if you put it into Google you can find out more.

Having said all that, losing 5 stone is the very best thing I've ever done. I'm a size 12 now and have now maintained successfully for two months. My confidence, outlook and self-esteem are through the roof, so would I swap that for 5 stone and tighter skin? No way! Hope this has helped a bit!


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My tummy is a bit wobbly and my inner thighs are the worst bit. I don't think your skin ever goes back to exactly the way it was...but being slim is great tho!


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Hi I've lost 4st up to now and have a bit of loose skin on my inner thighs, everything else not too bad, not firm as a rock but nothing scary! I've been told the same as Corey as it shrinks back in, but takes a while, aparently a surgeon wouldn't do a nip/tuck until a certain amount of time afetr weight loss due to this. I'd say drink as much water as physically possible to keep skin hydrated and moisturise after every bath/shower. But as the other's have said it's loads better than being overweight!

Personally I'm more worried about my rapidly deflating boobs! lol


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I'm with you on that one Donna, my poor boobs --- they're not that far from feeling empty - really need them to shrink some and firm up :)

Deb G

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I've lost 6 stone and when I am stood up my skin looks perfectly flat (no one can believe it). When I bend forward, it does sag a little - but it should spring back within 12-18 months apparently. Keep drinking the water (even after you've finished) as this will help. Moisturiser will also help - so keep that up too.

If you've lost more than 5 stone AND keep it off for more than a year, the NHS MAY allow you a tummy tuck - however, it is a postcode lottry - so depends on where you live!
I am starting a Tummy Tuck fund!


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LOL good idea BL - I'm up for a share too :D

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