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sorry but i want chips...



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Sugar in the onion has probably brought you out of ketosis and this is why you are feeling hungry...it will pass and you will go back into ketosis in a couple of hours or so...as it was only a little.

Have a glass of warm water or tea to keep your mind off it.

It shows that you are carb sensitive so it is a good lesson for the future to be careful about having extras.
you can't have them lol! just look around a few websites at clothes and occupy yourself with thinking thin and what you'd wear.
think how crap you would feel at your weigh in x
not had them!!!!.. mmmm but i want them... think mmm porridge
why am i just so hungry all of a sudden?:mad:

You are not hungry; this is not physical hunger (which comes on gradually over a few hours). You are having classic emotional/psychological hunger. So you can "choose" not to have chips or "choose" to have them, as already said you don't physically need them.

Read the dietguy.co.uk for motivation, have a bath, have sex! Do anything that fills the emotional void in a non-food way.

Good luck!

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