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Sorry for cringey post, but is it normal to urinate more often when you're dieting?

what fluid are you drinking?

You should drink plenty, but also not over do it on the fluids too (you don't really need to drink more than 2 litres a day)

The reason I ask about what type of fluids is because if it isn't mostly water, certain drinks can cause UTI's when drunk excessively.


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Hey, to be honest I don't think I'm drinking enough.
Today I've had
mug of hot water and lemon
2 glasses of light ribena
mug of cocoa (milk-think that's counted as food?!)
Mug of coffee

Not good :confused:
Caffeine and flavoured drinks/pop etc can be the worse culprits for UTI's, as they irritate the urinary tract.

I would definately try and get more water into your diet if you can.

TMI question, but does it feel like you haven't fully emptied you bladder when you do go? If so I would keep an eye on it and go and get checked out by your doctor if it continues, it will be quite easy to rule out a UTI, by a sample spot test and then a culture if that doesnt show anything.
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i find I do go more but I tend to drink alot more water when I am on plan especially if I've eaten scan bran. Also alot of fruit has natural waters in too so this could make you go more lol..xxx


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yes, you are ( or should be ) eating a lot of fruit and veg which are full of water, and drinking more liquids so it has to go somewhere..


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okey dokey, well I can definitely rule out a UTI, no symptoms of that thankfully.
I think a few of you have hit the nail on the head about the fruit and veg consumption. I have been eating a lot more salad, fruit and veg than I normally would which of course are full of water (oh why didn't I think of that!!) So think that is definitely why.
Put my mind at rest thank you :)


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It's a good sign!!! I wee more when following Sw 100% and have noticed that the more I go, the better the losses are that week.
You do go more on the first week or two of a diet, its all teh fluid you have been retaining... thats why you have your biggest loses the first few weeks. It will settle down :)
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Yes you do wee more, the first part of weight you shift is excess water.


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Look in Off Topic and see the thread there to see just how many people piddle more whilst dieting.

I can be up 4 times in the night.

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