sorry i know its off topic but........


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looking for a coffee/frothy maker for xmas for my partner i dont like coffee but he does and wants one where he can froth hot choc and cappichino (sp) too if possible?

sorry should add the 2in1 kind

Im off to buy one tomorrow, my Cdc showed me hers tonight, she say it does everything, soups, shakes, tetras, hot choc, coffee etc, it heat it too!!!!

I've got a Kenwood Frothie Maker - it's fab:) Makes the shakes hot and frothy - can also use it to make 'normal' hot chocolate, latte coffee, frothy cold milkshakes. It has to settings - 1 is a heat and mix the other is a frothy and mix. I don't make my soups with it but know others do (I prefer mine with the lumps in...!)

Couldn't live without my Frothie Maker - think they are around 25 - 30 quid depending on where you get it from.

Just found this one in Argos but it's the 'deluxe model so more cash!!'

Hope this helps.
I have one of these too and yes its fab!

Ah now - like Mich, I couldn't live without my Kenwood Frothy Maker. It gets used everyday and is just the most brilliant gadget in the world!!

Be careful not to get the base wet though or you'll blow up all your fuses lol!
Bought Frothie maker today, it is fantastic, makes my shakes/tetras much nicer than putting them in the mico, Kids have been having hot choc, milkshakes etc, hubby enjoyed his coffee made in it too, so it will be well used.