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Extra Easy Sorry long rant. Apologise in advance


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So I was on here a few weeks ago shouting about how everything had clicked into place and how good I felt.... blah blah blah.
Well I'm back to say I have completely lost my mojo and all because I missed 1 WI.
I haven't been able to make any classes due to work and family commitments and now I am in a really really bad mood.
I have become uber sensitive about my weight and decided to stop eating carbs which I don't think has helped my mood.

Plus because of no WI I have been jumping on and off the scales, I know I shouldn't and I know my weight flucuates, but I have and been seeing +2 then -3 then +1/2 and its just doing my head in.

WI is not until Monday but because of my mood I want to relax this weekend and start fresh on Monday. What do you think?

I am not planning to eat everything in sight and I am sticking to lots of superfree but I am bored of 'I can't have that because I'm fat' going around in my head.

Any suggestions/support very welcome. And sorry again for a moany post xxxx

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It sounds like you need an attitude adjustment, after a hug of course (((HUG)))
You have to realise that we all have these little blips and that's all they are, they can be useful because it makes you think about how you relate to yourself about your diet and food. For example you say you tell yourself you can't have that because you're fat, what you need to say is I CAN have that because I've worked very hard and achieved so much and I can work it into my syns somehow.
You are human so don't be so hard on yourself. Relax this weekend because the weather is going to be so nice and it would be a shame to be miserable about something you're going to get right back on with renewed determination on Monday, right?


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Thank you. Yep week 1 all over again on Monday.... I may gain but I need to deal with it.
I think this is the 1st time since starting that I have felt so crappy about such an amazing new way of eating and it is slightly annoying as you said I can have the bad stuff because SW allows for that but I have gone back to me old diet way of thinking and starting denying myself certain food and then wanting to binge because of deprivation.

Again thank you ..... :)
I lost my mojo last week :( gained 1.5lbs (which after what I ate is pretty good!)

I'm back to it now, made myself stay at group so I could get my head back in it so far so good!
Thank you. Yep week 1 all over again on Monday.... I may gain but I need to deal with it.
I think this is the 1st time since starting that I have felt so crappy about such an amazing new way of eating and it is slightly annoying as you said I can have the bad stuff because SW allows for that but I have gone back to me old diet way of thinking and starting denying myself certain food and then wanting to binge because of deprivation.

Again thank you ..... :)
It's so easy to slip back into the way of thinking the way we did before because it's so ingrained in our minds that we must suffer to lose weight, we must sweat it out and eat miniscule portions! We don't!
Keep on track with your thoughts and the way you speak to yourself and if you find yourself getting anxious just take a deep breath and relax because SW works wonders!
I had a bad weekend last weekend, I think it's because I knew I was going to get choccies for Mother's Day so I decided to have a treat weekend which turned into a 5 day binge!

Sometimes you have to wait for your head to get back into it, in the mean time I'd suggest healthy eating and trying to stick to plan as much as possible. And you're doing the best thing by going back on Monday, the biggest mistake would be giving up, so well done for that :)


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hiya, get yourself to weigh in on monday and get your mojo back, you will be fine and you'll feel loads better, just start afresh and use up your syns so not to deprive yourself :) xxx
I agree with sugar in that you need a bit of an attitute adjusment and a little hug, but with a little kick up the backside as well (a little sting in the tail for you :p)

My personal take on it is ..... I dont know how you will feel on Monday if you indulge a little bit over the weekend. The danger is that a bigger gain than what you were expecting may make your negative feelings worse.

I think there cant be many of us here that havent had feelings of deprevation and the urge to want to have some of my 'old food' still comes back to me sometimes (and I am almost a year in on the plan). You arent going to be able to retrain your eating habits overnight, so be kind to yourself you have done really well so far :)

I would suggest that to get your mojo back you need to really focus, maybe make a for and against list for your weekend plans. Personally I wouldnt go off plan over the weekend and instead I would try and claw back some control. Hopefully you will feel a lot better and positive for doing that rather than giving into temptation :)
I think everyone goes through tough times on SW, or any other diet. Especially this time of year. If you think about it, how many of us have decided ot lose wiehg in the new year, started off all motivated and in the zone, and a few months later (just about the time our 12 week countdown has finished in my case), you lose your motivation - not because you don't want to lose weight anymore- just because its hard work to stay on it all the time. You've gone from never really thinking about what you eat, to thinking about everything you put in your mouth, planning meals, planning ahead when you go out etc etc etc. Its inevitable that you will have a wobble.

Start a fresh, don't worry about the gain if it happens and recognise that you are in this for the long haul, that you will ultimately be happier and much more importantly, healthier, as a result of sticking to it and most importantly, do NOT beat yourself up if you go off plan for a day or so xxx
omg amy - i could so have written this about myself at the moment. im now embarking on week 4 since starting this new way of eating, am loving my new found enthusiasm for exercise, the gym and actually looking forward to my dinners too.

however had a weigh in last night and even though i still lost i cant help being really hard on myself (made the mistake of weighing myself at the doctors surgery first thing in the morning and had a loss of 5lbs) when i got to weigh in my "official" loss was a 1lb:confused:

now i know i have not put on 4.5lbs in a day and all i can contribute it too was the fact i had a very intensive cardio workout just before weigh in and took on board 3 plus pints of water - so even though its an entrirely different set of circumstances what you have just described is exactly how i feel at the moment - however today will be a 100% day

you've had an amazing loss so far and im guessing you feel a lot better about yourself since you started, excluding this blip and thats all it is, a blip

the scales are the devil really - how about taking a measurement of yourself, bust , hips thighs etc - i bet you a pound to a penny you have lost inches all over.
V x


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Thank you everyone.

I know I'm not alone which is why I also come on here for support as you have been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

I know what you are saying blue*smartie, if I have a gain on Monday I will think 'if I didn't have that slice of bread or the extra chocolate' but my head is properly all over the place and I am annoying OH by going on about what I want to eat but can't.

For example last night I really wanted pizza, I could have made a SW friendly pizza but I wanted to bad stuff. All bloody evening it was going around in my head, I could not concentrate.

I stuck to my haddock and veg and normally I would congratulate myself on my amazing willpower but no... all I did was continue to want the pizza and hate myself because if I didn't let myself get fat in the first place I probably could of had some pizza.

So I do need to stop hating myself and food but I really don't think its going to happen this weekend.

I think I need a gain to give me that needed kick up the bum.


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Big hugs to you but I do also agree with what Smartie said. Think about your weekend plans and compare it against the feeling you'd get when you go this weeks WI and maybe have lost more than usual (due to missing last weeks WI). You can have things such as pizza in moderation so don't deny your self anything just use your syns to have the things you want in smaller quantities as your more likely to stick to plan that way. Hope that helps :)


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Yep Stickee I do feel great and my clothes are getting looser by the day but I'm just not there IYKWIM.
I may be coming up for *week (I am on cerezette so cycle is all over the place) and my mood is horrendous.

I have had fruit and fat free yogurt for breakfast and my superfree soup for lunch and probably fish for dinner so I am trying to stick to it.

I think another problem is my OH. He is slightly overweight but it doesn't bother him and so he will eat chocolate and crisps etc. He also works shifts so when he is not at I am 100% commited because I have no tempations but when he is there gorging on biscuits I feel cheated that I can't do that and then end up huffing around the house in a bad mood.

I have only been like this recently and it has never bothered me before, I normally feel quite superior eating my friut. :confused:
hun (((hugs))) please dont be so hard on yourself just because the scales say you may have gained that is bull because you have STILL acheived

its very easy to become blinkered by what the scales say, and end up with self doubt, but what i would say to you is you can phyiscally see your own achievement and losses

the scales can't, and which is why they can be the devil in disguise

heres to an excellent week for you, and many many more achievements! :talk017::talk017:


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Hi Amy! What youve written is how ive felt so many times before. Ive hated myself for being fat and having to diet in the first place. Ive started out doing the healhty sensible way of sw then resorted to silly things cos the weight didnt go fast enough!!! Plus my husband eats and drinks whatever he wants and i sit there feeling deprived. My advice is throw away the scales first of all cos they will just make you mad! Ive gotten to a way of thinking i can eat whatever i want. I can have pizza for tea everynight if i want. But i know if i have that i will always be a size im unhappy with and ill feel rubbish and bloated as well. I dont know how youd feel on wi if you did blow out and put on. But maybe having the pizza might remind you of why you wanted to change if you have it and realise it wasnt that nice actually. Iykwim.


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Big hugs to you lovely. Yep, we've all been there and we know what you are going through.

I put on 4lbs last night after being off plan (and going mad) for nearly a fortnight.

I honestly thought it would be more, so relieved that it wasn't.

You need to go on Monday - and if you've put on you'll know exactly why. I used to get upset when I was 100% on plan and still put on - what's going on there?!!

I wasn't at all upset last night. I felt good that I knew I'd be back on plan first thing in the morning.

So don't worry - do what you want to do on the weekend and as long as you get back on it after your WI, you'll be fine!!

Take care and have a good weekend!!


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I could be reading about me here lol

I also had a horrible week last week with Mothers day and me being an idiot and eating all around me. I am now back on track and peeling way more positive about things. My OH is thin and can eat what he wants. I have been sticking to plan 100 percent and lost but not a great deal and he has been eating the same meals as me but with beer and chocolate and crisps nuts snacks etc and he has lost way more than me lol I have to tell myself that I want to be a smaller size more than I want the beer choc etc and if I know he is going to have these things I make myself a SW substitute like a massive fruit salad.


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Thank you all so much.

I am feeling a bit more positive as I feel I am deciding to relax this weekend meaning that to a point I am still in control.

Come Monday I will start like a newbie and get back on it.

I may not even be bad but I think by allowing myself to be will stop me from going mad if that makes sense :confused:

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