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sorry need advise


Don't feel alone I had the same problem on Sunday day eight ... Really bad emergency rush to the loo! And my run my was so sore, I was sweating and clammy all day ... And did feel pukie! It passed by the middle of the following day and I feel great now actually more energy than I had the 1st few days!

Have a look at the post 3 days ago by emerald called Something like "Diarrhoea day 4 on LT TFR" lots of posts suggestion it just your body clearing out all the toxins etc! Read through those posts and hopefully you'll feel better.

Are you drinking plenty of water, how much a day? You can alway phone your pharmacist to double check get professional opinion, or phone the LT helpline number on their website?

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TYPO 1st scentance! Lol "my run" ... Is mention to be MY TUM!! Looks weird my run when talking about this topic!

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been to pharmacy this morning and they said its not normal its suppose to make you constipated and your not suppose to gag or be sick got to nip back in morning for weigh in and hes ringing the helpline up cos he thinks i might need to come off it . ive had runs now for 2 days really bad

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