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*Sorry* Need something to make me "go" tonight, not well.


Hate it but doing it!
Hi everyone,
i need some help tonight. I feel really manky and after sitting on the loo for 20 mins, (for the first time in a week), i'm suffering.
For the first time in forever i'm seriously constipated, (i did say soz at the top), and i feel quite poorly as a result.
I've seen previous posts where people have sent off for husks over the internet but i need something that i can get tonight at a Supermarket because i really feel quite naff.
Please can you give me some advice for some freely available product otherwise i might have to sod it and break diet to have something to help.
Been drinking 8-10 pints a day so my water intake is fine, i've got no idea what's going on.
Please help me out :(
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dulcoease are the tablets aren't they? But if things are a bit 'dry' in the btm dept, then have a glycerin suppositry to lubricate what must come out. A bit undignified I know, but if you are that bunged up then it will probably need attacking from both ends.:(


Hate it but doing it!
Hi, i'm petrified of coming out of ketotis will a glycerin substitute and dulcoese be safe to take?


Hate it but doing it!
Hi big birdy, just twigged where the glycerin will go, i'm such a plum, right i'm off now to go and get them now. Thanks Big Birdy and Miss Bettany.
After my c-section I didnt poo for nearly a week and they wouldnt let me out of hospital until I did - nurse told me to boil the kettle then drink as much water as I could, as hot as I could stand it - it worked! Took a couple of hours.
Dulcolax works a treat but takes about 9 hours.... and only take 1 not 2 as it says on the bottle otherwise you'll get cramps (bottle presumes you are eating food)
Best of luck! Its horrible to be like that
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Wobbly, Dulcolax will not take you out of ketosis - get the pill form. Its not too bad and you WILL get a result. Its what my LLC told me to take, I did and it worked, and no probs at all with Ketosis.

:( Poor you. I hope you feel better.


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Hi big birdy, just twigged where the glycerin will go, i'm such a plum, right i'm off now to go and get them now. Thanks Big Birdy and Miss Bettany.

LOL! Yes they will be, the glycerin in the suppository won't be around long enough to get absorbd. You can even get dulcolax supps too, but they might give you stomach cramps. The glycerin are better to begin with. Its cos we don't have enough bulk in our diet at the moment. Buy some Psyllium husks from health food store and mix a teaspoon in each sachet OF CD/LL. It makes the shakes nice and thick if you add it to 300ml water to begin with. I have no probs now. Good luck!:D


Hate it but doing it!
hi, thanks for the advice so far but nothing's working. I took 2 dulcolax last night about 9pm, drunk about 1.5 pints of boiling water and about 2 hours ago i used a glycerin suppositry but nothing is happening. I feel sick and i missed my counsellor this morning by about 10 mins as i got the time of the stop in wrong. I feel that i need to go but i can't. Please i need some more advice
I don't want to panic you but I think you should call NHS24 and ask them...
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Keep drinking your water. Are you cooking your packs into muffins and chips? If so, I would stop for awhile. Take several warm baths throughout the day. I realy feel for you - I was like that 2 weeks ago. I had to take Dulcolax two nights in a row....the second day I got some relief. Since then I have been adding psyllium husks to one of my packs each day and I have been normal and happy since then.

You should consider you may have now got piles from all the straining you do. Not nice I know, but it does happen - and if they are swollen its difficult for anything to pass....so get some Hemmorhoid cream too.

If no joy, check with your doctor. Its early days in the plan, and yourbody is just have a less then pleasant reaction. I wouldn't think it is anything to wrry about, but very very uncomfortable and you have my sympathies. If I were there I would make you a nice cup of tea and try anc cheer you up! :) Its so unpleasant. :( Hang in the Woman. :)


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How long has it been since you've 'been'?


Hate it but doing it!
Hi, thanks for all you're advice to date. Been seriously grumpy all day but suppository number 2 made a bit of a difference but not by much at all. Managed to hurt myself trying to go so i'm stopping the effort now. Going to take some more dulcolax tonight and if i still feel sick tomorrow try another couple of the "innies". I haven't felt this naff in such a long time.
Reading the post from Blonde Logic, yep, i have been making muffins and crisps, anything to make it a bit easier but i'm going to give them a miss for a bit now.
Blimey, i didn't know it was going to get this pants, trouble is i have no idea what's normal anymore. Been LL for 4 weeks and have probably been 5 times, is that right? It certainly doesn't feel it. Getting some PH tomorrow.
I know it's the child talking but dear god i could have a curry and garlic naan right now, not only because it would taste like heaven after this length of time but because if would get things moving again.
Bugger it, pants pants pants pants pants pants
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Oh Wobbly, bless you - I am one week ahead of you, and you should see some improvement soon. The PH husks should help immensley - I have gone everyday since using them. ANd a fair little bit if I am to get toooo personal ;)

I was doing a lot of muffins and crisps and then I just dried up, so suspect that has something to do with it.

A workd of warning about the husks - they are a strange strange thing. First time, I put them in soup and blended it all up. The soup turned to a bowl of, and I am sorry-this IS gross, but to a bowl of snot!! Not sure if it wa the boiling water or the blending. I then tried making my shake woth 300 ml HOT, not boiling water....then stirred the husks in with a fork - let is sit two minutes then gave it a good stir - that was better...a bit like porridge....but you need to eat it faily quikly as again, it tended to sort of gel up. I then tried putting the husks in my muffin mix, which I am now eating again with no troubles at all....made it like a bran muffin....a bit of work to get through, made it quite filling, but better.. There is a gritty texture to them and there is nothing you can do about that. I have also tried making a shake with ice and stiring them in to that and that was tolerable. And lastly, mixed a juice glass of water with them and just chuffed them back as quick as possible. The muffin and the water are my most preferable as they just get such a strange consistancy. Its a bit 'urgh' at first, but they have been so effective for me its worth it. I use about a rounded desert spoonfull some days, split in a couple of packs, but only about 2 tsps others.

Be brave!! Once that settles down, its allll easy again.

I sympathise - as I really felt so awful , just like you are now, but am right as rain now.

All the best hon.



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WW- reading some of the other threads some others only go once a week, but that might be nearer what is normal for them anyway. Me? I go everyday usually, so now with the husks I go every 2 days. TMI I'm afraid, but it is basics we're talking about! Thats the trouble with a low residue diet I expect. I would try again with those 'innies', as the nether end is where it needs help at the moment.


Hate it but doing it!
Hi blonde logic and big birdy in particular and everyone who replied.
I just wanted to say a mega thank you for all your advice :thankyou:It sounds really corny but it's been such a relief to be able to talk about it with others. I'm afriad to say that my LL counsellor is a nice lady but i'm really not feeling it and have been reluctant to discuss things in great detail with her as the common answer to all problems is, "well, drink more water", and i just didn't want to hear that again.
There have been some developments but it's not been fun. :booboo:
I seem to be getting rid of a fair bit of blood so i'm hoping that's just piles and will sort itself out. Off to our Holland & Barratt to see if i can get some husks, (hmm, sounds lush, not!), and give it a go.
Hopefully then i'll be back to normal and able to :massmoon: with confidence!!!
Thanks again.:grouphugg:you've been really reassuring
Take care xxx
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
LOL - like your choice of emoticons there WObbly!

You are more then welcome. I had a lot of blood too - it is piles. That is probably what is holding you ack now - theres just no room. Hang in there - you'll be right as rain soon!!


Micralax mini enemas can be bought otc and work for me better then anything else in a dire emergency. I suggest you go to Lloyds Pharmacy rather than Boots who have a bit of an 'attitude' and once refused to sell me any, even saying they were prescription only, which they're not. Use a couple if you have to, they work by softening the impaction and gently stimulating the rectum to push it out. They are safe and can be used by PG women and children. Good luck!
I would suggest that you buy a box of golden Linseeds (Granovita or Linusit Gold), powder them in a blender and stir a heaped tablespoonful of the powder into a large glass of warm water and drink.

Powdered linseeds are very high in soluble fibre, omega-3 EFAs and also contain some protein but are very low in carbs. The soluble fibre will sort you out! See Linseeds Flax seeds & flax seed oil

Cheers, Nige.

P.S. This remedy also firms-up diarrhoea.

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