sorry not been about


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dont worry guys i havent dispeared off the face of the earth we have been so busy with getting xmas ready daughter 1st birthday then our son having a serious accident at school so been looking after him!, i came off lipotrim as you all know and i am very happy with way ive been going since coming off lipotrim i have been up and down but main thing i have been maintaining the weight lose i lost on lipotrim, i am now 11stone 5lbs ok it only a lb and 3/4 since coming off lipotrim but i have been gaining then losing it which is good and i am happy with it. i am going to go back onto lipotrim after xmas me and newtolife are going to hit it together!
main reason of coming in here was to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRITMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! and if i dont get in before i will see everyone in the new year and get to know the newbies a bt more.
love to everyone!!
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Oooh, sorry you've had some traumas with your son. Glad things have settled down a bit.
Well done on maintaining your weight, you've done so well!
I hope you have a great Christmas and you get some time to relax and chill out a bit.
I began a refeed on the 14th for a party and Christmas, and will be restarting on the 2nd January too.
I've missed your posts, welcome back xx


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Congratulations on the weight you have lost and sorry to hear you've had a crappy time lately. Here's to a brighter and 'lighter' 2009 x


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Nice to see you back Mad. Sorry about your son - it's amazing how much time we spend at A&E! At one point we were up there so often I thought they'd give us our own parking space!!! Hope he recovers in time to enjoy Christmas.

How did the baby's party go?

Have a great Christmas and we'll see you in the new year.



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nice to hear from you sorry to hear about your son hope he makes a speedy recovery

well done on maintaining your loss

Have a great christmas

xxx Sharron


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thanks for all your comments babies birthday went great she loved it as in jake he has done permenant damage and be going through it when he is an adult please make sure you all tell ya children not to slide down banisters at school we thought jake knew dangers but he didnt and lucky what he did come away with as he could have ended up in a wheelchair or worse! lucky thing is all his stitches have fallen out so least they wont be in at xmas. sorry i not been around i have missed everyone but was also but sad i had to come off lipotrim as i was loving the weight coming off so it was hard to come in and see how much people where losing shellfish i know and i am sorry. xxxxxxxxx