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I have chosen to edit this post and remove my original question as it seems I have phrased it incorrectly. I wanted to ask views and opinions as a relatively new SW member, but it seems this has the potential to cause upset.

Apologies for any misunderstandings. I have no negative feelings towards any fellow dieters.
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This can happen, but equally a woman with 12 stone to loose would lose very quickly compared to someone with 2 stone to loose. It's just the way it is I'm afraid. There has always been someone in my group, man or otherwise who usually wins SOTW because they have lots more to loose than me. It's never bothered me because I'm not there for the awards.


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Just want to echo what Kingleds said really. As long as you are losing weight, then what's an award?


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Good question! I'm not sure how I would feel about that...

When I started last September the group was very small and I was the only "massive" person there; I got SOTW a lot but I personally was more embarrassed about it & felt bad about everyone bringing in treats and never getting the basket themselves.

January brought in a big crowd with quite a few other "massive" people; I'm happy that other people are getting SOTW; with a longer journey ahead of us the incentives are a welcome motivator & kick up the bum! x


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S: 19st10.5lb C: 15st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 4st10.5lb(24.05%)
I agree totally - awards are certainly not everything - and ur right that it probably makes him feel a little awkward.

I am more thinking about the affect a dominant SOTW has on the group attitudes. Not that I can think of a way to even the field.

Thank you for discussing with me, it's good to see things from all angles.


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I do think it would be more sensible to do it as a percentage weight loss personally, but even with that men loose higher percentages nearly all the time!

It doesn't seem to make any upset in my group but then it could be because the people who win are nice! I imagine most people would get annoyed if a horrible person won SOTW repeatedly.


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Its usually a basket of manky old fruit anyway :)


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Really? My groups is always really good. I'd rather put a tin of something free in rather than old fruit!

We get the odd thing thats good lol!! It really does my head in though when people put things in that arent free or superfree!! Like full fat supernoodles or supermarket own brand pasta and sauce that work out quite high in syns for the pack!! X


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We get the odd thing thats good lol!! It really does my head in though when people put things in that arent free or superfree!! Like full fat supernoodles or supermarket own brand pasta and sauce that work out quite high in syns for the pack!! X

Yeah, that would proper do my head in, even though I rarely win SOTW!


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Just wanted to say I agree with you! When I was at SW, I was losing 3-5lbs every week consistently, compared to 1-3lbs for most of the women. We were all sticking to the same plan, but because I'm male my losses were obviously higher.

After winning SOTW 3-4 times in a row, the women started to groan a bit and the Consultant told them off. I took the Consultant to one side and asked not to be included any more as I didn't think it was fair (and also because it didn't motivate me in any way, it was only biology that was making me lose more!). She tried to discourage me, but eventually agreed to no longer include me in the award, though her computer system didn't like it much!


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When I had more to lose the awards kept me going but I do think its a bit outdated any way as we are told not to focus on BIG losses but then the rewards are given to the person who loses the most.
Its very hard to measure other ways in which we are slimmers of the week but sometimes it might not be the week we lose the most but the week we didn't lose the plot when we stuck to plan despite x, y and z etc so if we can maybe be aware of this and reward ourselves :) and we are lucky as we can share on here with all our fellow slimming worlders our slimming victories too x


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I'd like to give my point of view, a male point of view. I honestly think that this is a bit much. Fair enough he's losing an awful lot a week but maybe if he is as massive as you say, then surely it's a game of percentages or maybe he's just putting more work in each week.

I have consistently lost weight since I joined, having lost 4 stone since July. I was 24st 6 lb when I started. If my bmi is high it means that I have more to lose. I cycle, I run, I'm walking a minimum of 10 km a week too. I stick to plan, I don't drink and for that I have gain my weight awards, 8 slimmer of the weeks and 3 slimmer of the months.

This week alone I got a 4lb loss, 4stone award, slimmer of the week, slimmer of the month and couple of the year with my girlfriend. Have I to feel sorry for everyone in the group when I get an award that I have to work hard to get.

When others get it I clap and congratulate them. I have been told that I inspire people in the group and when i Give recipes and any of my input I never get any sort of negative reaction (so much so that I finished 3rd in the group's Miss Slinky). Can anyone else on here say that they have a food plan done for this month and all of their dishes cooked for dinners?

Maybe you should have a talk to this guy and see if he's doing anything different that helps him. I have realised a few tweaks since I started. But more so than that, be happy for him. Don't hold a grudge, would u be so negative if it was you're partner or would you be happy?

My girlfriend eats what I eat, I cook the bulk of the dinners, but she always looses less. I've lost 4 stone and she has lost 2.

Maybe this is because she is a woman, or maybe it could be the fact that she had about 4stone to loose and I had 10. It's usually a game of percentages and as you get nearer your target, the less you lose. I have lost 17% body weight, she has lost 15%.

Please just be happy for the guy. He's doing well. Would you be happy if you were getting SOTW each week and you seen this thread that fellow members felt this way. Maybe he'll find out and leave and undo all of his hard work. It's only a sticker. The important ones are the numbered ones.


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Well done to you!!! I admire you so much!! I think you have done amazing and should never have to explain yourself for your wonderful achievments!! I dont think you should take offence bcoz i dont think anyone on this forum would try to ever demean the amazing work you have done or anyone else, But maybe feel it would be nice if there was a way of recognition at their group for the members who have done as amazing as you have on the plan by sticking to it 100% no matter how much they have to lose to begin with!! I dont think the points here are to do with penalising the wonderful people who lose amazingly as is the point of it being nice to acknowledge everyone who does as amazing as you xx


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I dont know what the orig question was so ill assume it was a man gettin sotw sotm alot.

Ok the bigger someone is at times the more they lose but i have seen this not always be the an my mum for mum is 2 stone + heavier then me...this week we both stuck to plan 100% eattin virtually idential meals or there mum gained 1lb & i lost 4 despite bein the lighter of the two.

Now iv been doin sw YEARS since i was a teenager...when i was younger i wantes sotw an never got it ever...not because i wasnt sticking to plan but because people got better losses then me, but that wouldnt bother me i jus carried on.

Now am older and heavier i have alot more appreciation for ppl who are constantly getting sotw/sotm.

End of day if the numbers are going down who cares about a sticker an a certificate i know i dont anymore. Im doin this for me an me only....not to make my book look pretty with stickers.

Well done to all those who have stuck to SW and got big losses and stones off & those who are serial joiners like myself who realise its time to get bk on the horse.....i hope this time round i can continue to see those numbers go down.

Much love to all xxx


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I think there are probably a few in my group who are annoyed when i win it again, but I think my days of winning are gone (though i said that when i hit my first target in november).

I have been there 11 months and won slimmer of the month 9 times. I won it this month, that's despite being at target the *entire* month, and this was january with an influx of new members, many of them quite large with no reason, especially with a first week loss, they couldnt have overtaken me.

Slimmer of the week I have won 22 times, I have appreciated the huge amounts of fruit i have won, it all gets eaten within four days.

I lose a lot for a number of reasons. One, i was very big to begin with, two I am a man, our metabolism is higher, and three, I learned the plan inside and out, and stuck to it.

There is a 'honk if you were 100% today' thread. I went for five months at 100%, day in, day out.