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Soul Sourcing Before Operation????

Hi ya, sorry to bug you all but I have a qusetion, so if anyone can help I would be very greatful.
I've been on and off CD for a few months, I lose a few pounds then put it back on AND SOME!!!! only now I have my focused head on and feel Iam ready to commit to it, so I have started (only today) But, my Mum is concerned that I shouldn't be doing it, as I have to have Keyhole surgery in 2 weeks time. I don't want to stop this time and really really want to continue it through, but I also don't want to risk my health. I'm 23 and weight (now) 12 stone 6 lbs, so I am still a little bit overweight.
If any of you know anything that could help It would be great, thank's for reading anyway!
Take care, Jenn xx
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You should not be doing less than 1200 cals 2 weeks prior to surgery. VLCDs affect the viscosity and density of the blood and therefore would not be suitable prior to surgery.

Depending on the surgery again CD is not allowed for 12 weeks afterwards so check this out with your CDC.


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Hi Linda (Or anyother CDC)

Just read your reply, is that the same if you are having a local??? I'm due to go in hospital for a minor op (just waiting for dates) to have lazering on my naughty bits...:giggle: (sorry lads!) but i'm shouldn't be put right out.....

I doubt if i'll be SSing at the time but will probably be on one of the other stages, will i still be able to continue?

Hey Linda.

Thank's for your reply, it's a bit gutting that I can't do it for a while, seems every time I try to do it something stops me!

But thank's for your help, it is appreciated

I put off starting as was due an op this May, but its now been put back to July, so fedup as i might have lost some weight in the last 2 months, and it would help with having surgery too, so now i still cant start as op is due to come up again, and i am going to Florida in Oct and desperatly wanted to lose 2 stone, wont be doing it now!!!!


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I'm a surgeon. and we do keyhole surgery. I'm also on CD.

The reason we tell patients to lose weight is to enable access (for me, the surgeon) and to reduce the risk of post-operative complications (for you, the patient). plus keyhole surgery can be made difficult by intra-abdominal fat osbcuring the anatomy. Also, patients with a very high BMI can have anaesthetic risks.

I sometimes give patients op dates well enough in advance to enable a VLCD if they wanted. I would personally use CD in advance to lose weight if I needed elective surgery.

HOWEVER, recent research shows that carbohydrate loading just prior to and following surgery may enhance post-operative recovery.
WELL DONE sascha - everyone seems quite frightened now about doing VLCD around their surgery dates!
thankfully you've put their minds at rest!
its always better to be slimmer before an op as its help in all three areas - anaesthetics, surgery and recovery!
do you think we could get the extra tummy tuck for free if we say were on VLCD??? haha!
and how about a boob job too?
Sasha, can i ask a question re keyhole, when i was sterilised i had awful pain the shoulder:cry: which i was told was due to the gas which they 'fill you up with' to separate the organs ect, is this the same with any keyhole op, ie my SIL is having gallstones done, will she possibley suffer, i know all patienst are different so could this be possible, or it it as i have been told by someone just due to ops on 'womens bits' .
You'll regret ever mentioning your a surgeon LOL, nice to know i can at least maybe try to lose some weight, i am sort of semi VLCDieting at the min LOL, ie a bit of a mismash diet of my own:eek:
Yes, it can happen after any abdominal lap procedure. not everyone will experience it though - I guess everyones different!

L-D - ready for our next challenge?


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Hi 10 stones... I had my varicose veins injected last year and stayed on CD whilst they were done, no problems as it's not really 'surgery' with an anaesthetic etc.... HTH!

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