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soups and flapjackssss



Here we go again!
I put some curry powder in and it tastes like curry sauce. Nice when you need something warm. Haven't tried any other spices cos I went off the soup. Good luck.
I'm not a fan of adding anything to the shakes or soups. People are way too quick to assume that whatever it is they are adding, is harmless to the LT diet. And that's really not always the case.

Check with Lipotrim or with your GP/Pharmacist before adding anything.
ooo i'll hav 2 check then, i kno peppers ok tho x
pepper is fine.. i have added hot chilli powder to mine from the start and had reasonable losses.. you have to read whats actually in the powders first.. some are pure others have root veg in them which is a no no.. i add alot of pepper and hot chilli powder then blend and the soup is yummy, i look forward to it for my evening shakex.. and make sure you blend and blend it.. otherwise ye may be pukin again x

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Sorry I found the soup DISGUSTING!! XX
same as blue eyes

the smell is yuck
I have gone off the soup now as i find it leaves a strange after taste. I personally wouldn't risk adding anything to them as some people have found this detrimental to their weight loss and I wouldn't want to risk that. So I have just chosen to go with the shakes - 7 of each flavour a day. x
I tried the peanut flapjack tonight ,omg its so disgusting,i said to my son to try it and he put a huge chunk of it in his mouth and had to spit it out,i couldnt stop laughing.serves him right for being so greedy . lol
ok i dnt like the soup eitha i didnt blend it n i thru up again i have a really sentsative stomach!!! i shud of blended it really, its totally put me off. bk 2 the shakes me thinks...!
I agree about the soup - I'm taking my remaining packets of it back to the pharmacy tomorrow and swapping them for the chocy shakes, which are bland enough to get down without gipping.
i pretty much live off the choc shakes they are quite nice in my opinion
Hi Adam - I'm not really into chocolate or shakes in the real world...unfortunately, I'm a carb junkie. Given the choice of a chocolate biscuit or a slice of toast, and the toast would win, hands down. Thus my jumbo tush...

But out of the LT selection so far, it's the chocy shake for me! I'm looking forward to the cardboard flapjack next week - am I setting myself up for disappointment?
yeah im exactly same im takin my vanillas n strawberrys bk 2 change 4 the choc. the strawbry n vanilla r startin 2 make me feel sick!!

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