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hoping for a good loss
I don't really like the tomato either, but then have never liked tomato soup. I love the oriental chilli, but I know of others on here who think it is gross lol. Leek and potato is nice with lots of black pepper added to it as is the vegetable. I personally find the chicken and mushroom tastes quite synthetic, but it is ok.

Think you will probably have to buy one of each and try then as everyone feels different about them, Don't be afraid to add herbs and spices either, all adds to the flavours.

Charlie xx


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the broccoli one is awful but I think they are getting rid of that one.

I love all the rest but tend to add black pepper to them all and the chicken &mushroom one is lovely if you add a teaspoon of the veggy drink flavouring. It turns it into something very tasty rather than quite bland. It's my favourite at the moment.
I love the mushroom one .. just like cap a soup although a little powdery once it starts to cool down , the tomato is ok and the oriental chilli is nice .. i tend to try 1 new one a week , sometimes buying as an extra so it doesnt matter if I hate it !!
I may try the veg next week :)
I eat chicken/mushroom, vegetable, leek and potatoes and the tomatoe one, but the last one is really my favorite.


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I have leek and potato soup for Dinner every day! I have either veg or oriental chilli for Lunch, they are both nice but like others say, its all down to individuals different taste preferences! I have had the tomato one but I'm not that bothered about it! I don't particularly like mushroom so don't have the mushroom one, I don't notice them in oriental chilli lol!

I wish they did chicken without mushroom though, can you taste mushroom in it or is it subtle like in oriental chilli? I was on the official cambridge website earlier and they seem to have discontinued brocolli and cheese, my cdc doesn't stock these anyway as she had so many complaints about the taste!!! She would have got some if I wanted to try it but I declined.



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i alternate between the mushroom and the chicken & mushroom because i really like them both. other flavours are ok like the leek & potato but i tend to stick with what i fancy! I always add black pepper and i have a lot of the savoury veg drink because it's like having another soup but guilt free! love it! :)

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