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Spain - Chit-chat, grump or whatever else takes your fancy


Trying - very!
Do you fancy meeting up occasionally for a group hug?
I'm near Almoradi just north of Torrevieja. I know of at least 3 other people close to Torrevieja, one slightly further north, and one in Almeria.

It might give us a boost and help us as & when we hit the odd plateau.

Being retired I can make any day apart from Monday.

At the moment, as I'm a newbie, I can't send PMs so just reply here with what days you can manage and we'll take it from there.
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It is quite a distance for me. So any meeting would be better for me if it was this side of Torrevieja.

I am 71 miles or 115 Km's away.


Trying - very!
Hi Nick1
I'm 30 minutes from Torrevieja, if we came a bit further south would you be up for it? It would probably only be about 1hr 30 then.
We could do alternate get togethers north and south of Torre!


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Its 2 hours for me also in Almeria.
We are neighbours :D

Sorry having children I spend all day being a taxi service as they finish school at 2 and 2.30pm and Saturdays too with motor bikes, horseriding etc :sigh: Except Sundays which is chill out day for us as a family.:D

And to go even further South makes it impossible for me.

Ah well perhaps another time.


Trying - very!
Harrie, I think you need a new map? Last time I drove to Madrid from Torre it took me under 4 hours - no speeding either.


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Just Googled and had never noticed the road down to Torre! Was thinking Valencia and then down. And then for some reason I added on for Almeria! (CSE Grade 3 Geography - and the teacher thought I was lucky to get that!)

Still to far for a cuddle, tho!


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Totally off topic sorry, did you realise that the speed limit goes down today in Spain :( 110 on motorway. And big fines if over speeding.
Thanks Niki. It is as well to be reminded.
It is me that wants to be thinner not my purse!!


Trying - very!
Not if my quick trip down the AP7 today is anything to go by. Still low flying BMW's and Audi's going past me.


Trying - very!
Ok - so I tried to get a Costa's meet-up and failed!!!! :cry:

But we can just have a good old chinwag on here. Whatever takes your fancy!!!
The 110km/h didn't last long did it, did you know they brought it in to help with fuel consumption(allegedly) I think it was just so they could get more money in fines:p The Spanish I work with were worried that the Govt would do what they did last time.A few years a go oil prices were high so the Govt cut the speed limit from 130 to 120 they said it was only temporary but they never put it back up.


Trying - very!
All the Spanish round here were CONVINCED it was just a way of raising extra tax for the government. And were equally cynical when it was put back - saying they obviously didn't raise enough in fines so they may as well get the extra revenue back in fuel!!!

I don't remember the cut from 130 to 120. When was that?

What's the weather been like over in Extremadura today? It didn't get very hot here (max about 16) but in the sun it was glorious. I spent 5 hours stewarding at a horse show and I was basking in it. My sort of weather! Not strong enough to burn but nice enough to get a bit of a rosy glow!
Before I came and I have been here over 9 years, could be one of those stories that the Spanish tell that that when you start asking them about it turns out to be an urban myth I will ask Jose tomorrow cos he was the one who told me in the first place.A few more Spanish myths as told by my co workers you can die from a praying mantis bite,if you put your tongue out a wasp wont sting you and there is no salt in saline,I will try and remember some more as some of them are classics lol
Yesterday got upto 17,warmer today I was down to my t shirt
by 11


Trying - very!
Could well be before us then - we bought the house in 2002 and it was 120 then!

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