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***sparkling saturday daily thread***


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Well, good afternoon to the daily threaders

It's quiet here so it might be a case of everyone is out and about, exercising? attending weekly weigh-ins perhaps?

Confessions time here, I didn't manage to get back on CD yesterday - but have today. So, I worked a half-day on Friday, had a splendid lunch with a friend in the West End, took her to Butler and Wilson off Bond Street (her first visit and we were lucky enough to meet the owner Simon Wilson in the shop), requested (scrounged) for free perfume samples at Debenhams and then the theatre.

True to form, I bought a pair of sparkly gold-coloured ear-rings in B & W. So much for the self-imposed retail ban?!

For anyone thinking of life in London (Chika and Caroline) I promise that there are many of us on fair but modest salaries that have learnt all of the tricks (nothing saucy intended with that word!) of stretching your leisure budget - my theatre ticket was £3 reduced from full-price of £20, there are good deals in the winter months for restaurants particularly at non-peak times and we have learnt how to put on polite but assertive expressions to get little freebies in the department stores.

Today is a quiet surburban one. My friend that I was out with yesterday will be looking after Patch, a King Charles spaniel that belongs to one of my neighbours, so I will also be taken out for walkies in a couple of hours.

Catch up later x :doggy:
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Morning Bling - well afternoon. Hope you enjoy the walk with the dog!

It's 2pm here. I am just about to hit the shower and then meet a friend at 3 to go out and about. Have had a tin of tuna in water for breakfast and will be taking my packs with me when we go out and shall be resisting all temptations!

I had intended to be up and out in time to check the post office for parcels my mum has sent me but I'm too late now so I will have to wait until Monday. One parcel should contain a new skirt and I am dying to get it and see if it fits!

It's really cold and windy here today so I think when we go out we shall head to the coast where it is always a few degrees warmer.

Have a good day folks!


likes to post
hi everyone, I've been catching up with the housework, and working my way through a job application, can't decide to apply or not but filling it in just in case.


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Afternoon BB.

I love hearing about everything you get up to, as Caroline and others have said, your life always seems so glamorous and exciting. And I'm even more impressed that you manage so many freebies and deals.

Having a bit of a rough day. Its day 3 and so far I've been 100% which is incredibly incredibly rare for me, I have never managed more than 24 hours on SS without a little nibble or taste of the familys meal (or in some cases a massive blow out!) I was even 6lbs down on the scales and super happy! Then I recked it all this morning by eating the crusts the girls left from their toast- my ultimate nemesis. The feeling of pride and euphoria I felt waking up this morning was quickly replaced with a tense headache, bad mood and feeling of self loathing.

I have cried and cried to h2b down the phone- why can't I just SS and get on with it? I really really want to succeed this time, my life is hampered by problems caused by my weight and I don't want to live like that anymore. But everywhere I look there is food, and I have ALWAYS used food to take away those horrible feelings. I just want to go to bed and hide.


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Hello again

Alexice - hope you enjoy day out, the Spanish weather sounds suspiciously like our own, although I don't think I would venture to the UK coastline yet.

Trisha - pop around and do my housework, pretty please, lol. Luckily the friend thats popping round with the dog knows what I am like and will ignore my current aversion (aka lazy) towards hoovering.

lisalulu, wishing you well, it must be so tough when you have to prepare nice food for the family. All I keep at home now is some tinned veg, coffee and food packs. Would it help to have a chat with your CD consultant about the different plans. A very recent post by KD stated that people have great losses with 810 plan - I know that my consultant advises that I move up the plans ASAP as I struggle to be 100% x
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afternoon all
i need to do housework and ironing but having a lazy day instead, my throat is still a bit sore but better than it was earache seems to have gone but ive been awake half the night coughing so didnt get up till 11.30 today, just had my first shake and still sat in my pjs, just dont have the energy to do anything, think im gonna have to dose myself up with cough meds before i go to bed tonight, cant cope with keep waking up :sigh:
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I've been out this morning looking at the hotel my son & his girlfriend have chosen for their wedding in November - was lovely as they were both really excited tho me & hubby ended up asking all the practical questions so it's a good job we went with them.

Dietwise all still going onwards (and hopefully downwards), need to get cracking on the water though!!


please try again
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evening girls, hope everyones having a good one

well went out to let my sisters dog walk me this morning, lol
hes still just a puppy but hes so strong! we went for a long walk in the woods, poor kayas not impressed, made her do a bit of walking so now her legs hurt and shes soooo wiped out, well at least she will sleep well tonight, lol
went to tk maxx but thier sale rails were completly empty, doesnt matter thou, ive more than enough clothes to be going on with ( ive developed an ebay cheap bidding habit )

am cracking on with the water and have had one of my choc mint shakes so far


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Good Saturday,

Tonight is "Calypso & Roadmarch Contest" here. Since is Carnival Season here we now all in Aruba are in Carnival moods, with all the costumes, feathers, glitters, applications, music and the people. Really really good time. Sooo yeahhh tonight is jammin', dancin' time. Gonna get out of that place, sweaty sweaty. Burn some fat :p hehehe. Everybody have fun on their day, good nighttt..!!

- Xoxo -


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S: 14st13lb C: 17st5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 43 Loss: -2st6lb(-16.27%)
How marvellous to be enjoying a carnival - a far cry from our cold weather!
I see what you mean Summayah about strong dogs, Patch the King Charles spaniel turned out to have a lot more oomph and self- determination than his petite size suggested. We went to a local country park (Hainault Forest, for the local readers) which was lovely (there's a small childrens farm and cafe) - its difficult to get to as a non-car driver, so I appreciated the opportunity to visit.

Followed by some retail expenditure. I have a couple of pendants from QVC but they tend to be on very thin silver chains, so I bought a more substantial chain from Argos - at half price. (See how I try to convince myself that I've bagged a bargain!)
Hope you are feeling better Mandy, my voice loss - but didn't really have a sore throat - is much improved.

Ta-ra for now x


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S: 160kg C: 147kg G: 100kg BMI: 47.9 Loss: 13kg(8.11%)
Weather at the coast was not bad. Didn't buy anything except for some oils from the chemist to treat my nails with, after having got the gel nails off and seen what a mess my own nails were underneath. The girl said my nails would dry out a bit under the gel but failed to make clear just how much thinning/flaking/splitting would be going on!
However - the best thing about today was no blipping and not even a desire to blip. I am feeling proud of myself :) I am keeping everything crossed that this feeling stays.

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