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Hi there, i'm on my second day of lipotrim and feeling really good. The hunger pangs are habitual (as im noticing), im actually not hungry...so as soon as my mind takes on board whats happening I reckon I will feel even better about this.

Anyway, this morning I had a vanilla shake, I heated it up and added a sprinkling of cinnamon is this allowed?

It was yummy so im hoping its ok!

best wishes to everyone :)
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I added cinamon in mine and it was fine and if ya are having soup add some chilli powder it honestly makes a huge difference!! Well done for getting to day 2!!

rainbow brite

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Cinnamon is okay, just don't use too much :)


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S: 17st0lb G: 10st7lb
Oooh thats good to know! I havent tried the soup yet, as i'm not a huge soup fan. But I may try the peanut thingy's next week....are they palatable?


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I actually like them!! Lovely sitting down and having a cup of tea!! I also like them for when I can be bothered blending my last shake at night, handy.. I get 5 a week and enjoy them!!!


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I like the soup with chinese five spice and powdered ginger - it gives it a kick!!! Can't wait for next weigh in - trousers are falling down and have got rid of one pair!!!!