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Spicy's Food Diary


I plan to do SW at home. I'm a mother of two (youngest is 9 so can't blame the baby bulge any longer! ha) and bigger than I've ever been.

I hope to lose 2 and a half stone. But hey, a few pounds will do at the minute!

I tend to be very samey with what I eat and go through phases of eating the same kind of meal / food. I can't help it, it's just the way I am. But I do hope you all keep me in line and spur me on when I need it.
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Day 1 - Monday

B - Pineapple
Never been much of a breakfast person so having this fruit is a step in the right direction.

D - Turkey slices with salad (lettuce, cabbage and onion) and worcestershire sauce.
I also had one slice of warbutons wheat free and gluten free bread - 5 syns and not worth it!

T - SW chips, piece of cod and mushy peas.

Snacks and drinks - diet cranberry blue charge, water and a banana.
I'm usually a caffeine fiend so having just the one can, again, was a step in the right direction.

Total syns - 5
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Day 2 - Tuesday

B - Pineapple
Feeling positive about what I'm eating and less bloated after just one day.
I have a football match to attend tonight so it's going to be hard to resist the chips and lager!

D - Jacket potato with chicken and salad (lettuce, cabbage and onion) and worcestershire sauce.

T - I was bad and had chips at the match! A carton. Off to find syns...
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Day 3 - Wednesday

B - Apple

Turned into a very busy day and didn't have a break at work so didn't have dinner. Very bad!

T - Massive bowl of slimming world chips.

Syns - none today but that carton of chips I had yesterday must be about 20 so for the week - 25 syns
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Day 4 - Thursday

B - Melon

D - Jacket potato with chicken and salad (lettuce, cabbage and onion) and worcestershire sauce.

T - Skipped. Had a family meeting with MIL & FIL. It was horrible. Lasted over 3 hours and after they left I went straight to bed. That's 2 meals I've skipped this week. Not like me at all and not healthy I know.

Snacks and drinks - diet cranberry blue charge and lots of water.

Syns for the week - 25 syns

Day 5 - Friday

B - Apple

D - Chips with curry sauce. I had half a carton, not much at all and I didn't even enjoy it. I should have stuck with a jacket spud! Guestimate 15 syns.

T - Omelette, beans.

Snacks and drinks - diet cranberry blue charge, banana and lots of water.

Syns for the week - 40 syns
Week one and I'm not doing the best. There have been meals skipped and twice I've chose chips rather than the healthy option. However, I have to look at the positive changes too. I haven't been eating for the sake of it, I've had fruit every morning when I used to have nothing, I'm drinking a lot more water and I've had no sweets, chocolate or crisps.
Now I just need to get through the weekend...


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Good luck with ur first week! It's tough getting started but great once u get going :0)

R u doing EE? U don't seem to be having healthy As? Cheese/ milk?

Personally I find I've gotta have A and B most days and at least 5 syns if I wanna lose-

I too find it hard fitting meals in some times but then I pack in the veg when I do have time to make sure i'm eating loads!
The more fruit & veg u pack in the more u lose- for me anyway :0)

Sounds weird but if I find I haven't lost much one week a food diary generally suggests I haven't eaten enough!!

Can't wait to hear how u got on & I agree it's hard to resist chips at a match!!! R burgers...
I don't like cheese and I rarely have milk. I think what I might do is try and introduce more milk into my diet, maybe by having cups of tea? Or even just a glass of milk!
I am on EE but because I still haven't done a big shop I don't have that much to hand for SS foods. I've made some huges changes though so hopefully as I get into it I'll be able to follow the plan so much better and see the rewards.
I def need to add more fruit and veg.
I'm pleased we're away today so I don't have to worry about the temptation of chips and burgers!


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Starting is a huge change in itself & u 'll find things that work 4 u! I find having chopped melon grapes muller light & boiled eggs in the fridge r a life saver- particularly when having a drink! & options hot Choc with some warm milk added in to use he A :0) & it satisfies my Choc cravings :0)
I think I'll have to try options hot choc with warm milk! I love melon and grapes. I'm going to have to go shopping and fill my fridge.
I've been naughty and not updated for a while but...
I lost 7.5lbs at my first wi. Yay!
Wow fantastic news! Hope your second week is going well?

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