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Spots on my back


is going to loose!
Oh not sure about this. I know some people miss there period for a while, loose their hair, cannot go to the toilet and have bad breath not sure about this one hun?

However could be your body detoxing and trying to expel stuff through your skin? perhaps your hormones are readjusting also in your body hence the spots?

The fact that they are sore is a worry are they really painful? Will a good exfoliation in the shower help?



Silver Member
They're quite painful when you touch them and are sore :S I think it could be down to detoxing as I've read people have suffered from spots. I'm going to see if they clear up, if not I'll see my GP xx


Cambridge Consultant
Hey hon
Only just seen this post! Hope your ok and the spots are clearing up! If they are still bad perhaps pop to the doctors and see if there is anything they can give you..
take care x

PS Sometimes you may have something that effects you when doing cd but others dont experience.. I have had really bad gums since being on cd and I havent come accross others that have..


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Thanks Curly :)
They're not so red at the moment, so seem to be clearing up a bit :) I'm going to give it a week and see what happens before I go to the GP. Thanks for your help and I hope your gums are now better :) xx
I think you are right I think it is your body detoxing... my skin was really bad in the first few weeks of CD..however now its really cleared and everyone is saying I am glowing.
My periods are up the wall though...
Hoping they calm down for you soon.

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