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Hi Everyone,

Quick question,

I have been lucky in the past and have not suffered with spots. I am on day 31 and for the last week i have lots of spots appeared on my face. I have tried lots of ways to shift, savlon, witch hazel and all, but they wont shift. My LLC said that its part of the detox. Which i accept, but does anyone have any ideas how i can get rid, as its my dads birthday next week with lots of family and friends. I dont want to be like this. They look so red and puffy ooooohhhhhhhhhhh i hate them lol.

Any advice gratefully recieved

Gem xx
Hi Gem,

I swear by a cream called Quinoderm, its stinks to high heaven but it works, you can buy it over the counter in most chemists, I also use the clean and clear wipes, then 10 mins later apply the quinoderm, totall reduces redness overnight I find, and if you apply it to problem areas you are less likely to have breakouts,

hope this helps,

Gem just a point over this.

The likely reason for the spots is that your body is detoxing and because of all the water it is flushing out the rubbish.

The spots will eventually go and your skin will be like never before and so smooth!

pile cream works

hi gem
i know this will sound a really silly answer but if the
spots are aggresive try pile cream yes pile cream just a little bit it heals them quickly it works for my daughter and i know it sounds silly just dab it on don,t use to much you only need a little and no i,m not mad someone else advised my daughter and it worked
The spots you have now are from detoxing as the others have said and you are really best to leave well enough alone.

Witchazel will dry them out, it is cheap from the chemist.

If you start using to many products on your face you will more than lightly end up stripping off the protective barrier and this then leads to even more spots.

I as a rule don't get spots but do when I am detoxing and they appear around my chin area.

They will be gone by next week or greatly reduced, but I would think gone...

Love Mini xxx