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Sprained my ankle!!!

I was running yesterday and I fell over on my ankle!It's black and blue and most certainly sprained.Grr!!!I can't believe this is how I get rewarded for exercising!!!
I find the weeks I run or exercise I tend to definitely lose weight. But what is even more important to me is how good and strong I feel when I exercise. Can anyone suggest any exercise I can do with a sprained ankle? I would like to stay active. I wonder should I scale back my WW points a bit if I won't be active?

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Hey my love so sorry to hear about your ankle that's rubbish. I can totally sympathise RE injury/excerice. I cracked my hip last October and used to play sport 4 times a week and then i couldn't do anything for months.

To begin with i would suggest give it just a few days to recover otherwise you will cause long term damage. (I'm also guilty of that too when will i learn *sigh*)

Do you have a pedometer? You could try and slowly increase the amount that you walk on your ankle to begin with. And of course core exercise like sit ups. You might find gentle swimming is okay after a while too. Maybe just try a few things and see how your ankle copes.

But please don't go back to running too soon it really isn't worth it. I tore the ligaments in my knee really badly when i was 16 playing tennis and went back to sport after two months when i should have waited at least 6 and now i will always have to where a knee support when i do anything active to prevent my knee falling out of place... good times. :)

Yeh i mean if you can cope with less points maybe drop it down by a couple just while you recover. Did you have the points in your normal points or did you earn and use activity points?

I hope you are on the mend really soon. :) xxx
I never normally use my activity points!!!
Thanks for the advice...:)I am so impatient I just want to start running again asap! I got some difene from the doctor today and that seems to be helping it. Grr...I suppose better to rest up and get better so I can continue with my sporting activities at a later date!


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Yeh just take it easy for a while and hopefully you will be able to get back to it really soon :D x

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