Spray tan or false tans? Advice Please?

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  1. Lottie-kins

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    I am contemplating having a false tan and just wondered if anyone can give me any advice?

    I've steered clear of the old sun beds this year after having a suspect mole, however with just a few weeks to wedding/honeymoon, I am feeling the need to be brown. I'm a bit shy to have a spray tan as I'm not really that happy about standing like a starfish in paper knickers :eek: that probably would not contain my belly, so I wondered if anyone else has had any experience good or bad of salon tanning?

    I know that they can do other methods - I guess like the san trope run on tans, but as I'm not an expert, I do not know which option to choose!!:( I guess I'm going to lose dignity either way - do they rub it in your boobs (OMG) on the non spray type?

    Any experience you have would be appreciated!! Thanks
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  3. C.J.

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    Hi lottie..
    Just thought i would tell you about my latest bargain that i bought this week...

    A home spray tanning kit, it includes 4 bottles of spray tan, and also a protective screen..

    I had my husband spray me the other day, (which was a laugh)
    I told him to just pretend he was spraying to garden fence!!

    Anyway the end result was Fab !!

    And the best bit..Its on offer at Argos and boots its ment to be £60.00 but on offer at both these stores for £40.00

    If you buy one of these you dont have to worry about stripping off in front of a stranger..LOL..

    Hope this helps

  4. Lottie-kins

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    What a brill idea!! And at £40 within two applications I'm in profit!! Thanks for sharing, I'll do a bit of persuading later!

  5. Barb

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    I think if you want all over then the spray must be the bet plan. I tend to use a lotion but only really do my arms and chest, which is fine in winter when you tend to have less on display!
    Love Barbxx
  6. Lottie-kins

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    Well, I reserved one of the Argos ones just in case. Although BF didn't look too pleased at the idea of spraying me - he said that he knows who I'll blame if it goes wrong - don't know what he can mean! If it's any good, I'll have to take it to Mexico as I never bloomin tan!!!

    I've got so many bottles of fake tan, but none of them ever go on with out streaking when I apply - Grrrr
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    That sounds like a great idea CJ and with lots of practise I'm sure your fiance can do it for you Lottie.

    I found rub in tans that I used myself very streaky and not that good. I've had fake spray tan in a booth .... where you press a button and it dispenses spray tan like a shower. They were excellent. However for your wedding you want it to be perfect so would suggest st tropez spray by a qualified beauty therapist. Have a trial run before so you know it will be ok. They are use to seeing all shapes and sizes and really do put you at your ease.

    Good luck and hope all goes well!
  8. nadhak


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    I am with Beverley on this one - For a professional tan go for a ST Tropez - I have had a few tans and this is by far the best!
    the DIY kit looks great but a trained therapist will achieve the best results!
    Happy tanning
  9. Lottie-kins

    Lottie-kins Nice and Normal

    Cambridge diet
    Thanks for the tips ladies. I have heard good things about St Tropez before and I guess that for the wedding i need to be sure.

    Do you know how many days they last before coming off - do they fade gracefully?
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