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Sruggling with Water!!!

Hi there! I have been finding it tough in the colder weather, but luckily, I like to drink my water hot - don't know if you have tried this, but it's a good way of keeping the water ticking over. If you are a couple of weeks in, you can get the water flavourings too.
If you can, try and break down the intake you need into chunks of the day - i.e., drink a litre between 12pm and 3pm. It's easier to think of it that way, i find. Good luck!:) xx
What I tend to do is have a 1.5 ltr bottle of water on my desk (or near me) and keep filling my glass up once it's empty. I also make it a habbit now that before I take my cd-meal I drink a glass of water and also after I've had my meal.


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I try drinking a pint at a time. Have one at breakfast, one at lunch, one mid afternoon and one at tea time. Anything inbetween is a bonus

Hope you can manage the minimum amounts.

Charlie xx


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Try a "Cambridge Sandwich" - now don't get excited, from that I mean, a glass of water, then your shake, then a glass of water. lol


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I struggle with the water too, I've tried everything. I used to have a 2litre bottle which I carried around all day at work, but it just seemed like too much to drink, then I tried a litre bottle, but by lunch time I'd get sick. So now, what I do is fill 2 500ml bottles before I go to work. I drink 1 on the way to work, then I have 1 before I start work. I then refill them, have 1 at 10ish, and the other at lunch time. Refill them again, have 1 at 3ish then 1on way home... 3 litres of water gone, and I haven't even noticed. It's much easier.

I also find drinking water at room temp much easier than having cold water. It's taken me a long time to work out this routine, but I stick to it and it works fantastically. Then on an evening if I'm thirsty I just have a glass or two and that way I'm not dashing to the loo in the night either. xxx
I make my shakes really thick almost like paste, makes me drink a lot more water while eating them and also feels like im eating something more solid :)
Have you tried fizzy/mineral water? I drink tescos value mineral water (10p a bottle!), because I used to struggle drinking still water - yuck! I can drink fizzy water until the cows come home!

I add the water flavouring as a treat!! How sad is that?!! lol (Mind you, it was an absolute life saver in the summer!)

Good luck!

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