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SS at university


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I'm due to start university in under a month and I fully intend to continue with CD until I reach goal which should hopefully be by December. However, I'm not sure how to approach questions, if people ask, about why I'm not eating. There's only so many other excuses you can make, so I just wondered how you all deal with this in the workplace etc. I'm not living in halls and will be commuting so I suppose that will make it much easier.

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In general I don't announce the diet to everyone, though there are people obviously who know how I am dieting, but people at work don't bat an eye when I sit there drinking a shake, though I do make out that I eat meals in the evening, so they don't think I am odd. Not that I should really care what people think, but it is just easier that way.

I think you will be fine at uni, most people probrably won't even notice, and you can take a bar. Good luck at uni, I'm sure you will love it.


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Hey im starting uni soon too, my original plan was to be completely off CD by then but thats not going to happen!! You dont have to tell people anything I am going to just drink lots of water and probably take my bar with me and nibble it on my break in the library....if you do get in a situation where people do ask then just say you are not hungry, try not to mention the diet because people dont really need to know do they?!? It can be your dirty lil' secret :p lol
I have been on and off CD for years throughout my 6 years (so far...) at uni.

First time, I told everyone. I got all the comment about it being unhealthy blar blar blar, but armed with hard evidence to the contrary - they quietened down after a while. People don't become so negative when they see you're happy, not about to drop dead and it works.

This time around, I've not told uni folks. All they know is that I don't eat at Uni (which is fine, I'm in a small campus this time, and the cafe is rubbish) and I have a ration in the morning when I go - I'm usually home by about 4pm and just fit things around it.

Suppose it's up to you really!

Uni is fun though...:) good luck! remember to have fun...even if CD means you can't drink!
I had to 'to tell or not' debate for ages. I have told people, don't really care if they don't like it, i spout at them about research suggesting vlcd are healthy if followed correctly and they normally shut up cos they don't really have anything to back up their 'theorys'. Anway, i decided this is my last diet, if it is a bit controversial too and everyone knows, i'll be less likely to allow myself to fail and face the embarrssment of all the 'i told you so' comments.