SS+ first week loss results 11lb!!!!! ww can kiss my food pack.

Discussion in 'CD Weekly Weigh In' started by sarahlo, 10 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. sarahlo

    sarahlo Member

    I am a very happy bunny this evening. After spending the week chugging icky gross shakes I have lost a massive, huge, enormous, 11lbs. I am gobsmacked :eek:. After loosing and gaining the same 7lbs on ww for a whole year Cambridge zapped it and more in 7 days!

    Why did I not do this soon (repeatedly bangs head on desk)
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  3. Lizwhite29

    Lizwhite29 Gold Member

    That's so good. Well done. My first weigh in today, just starting day 9.
  4. nmninos

    nmninos Full Member

    Brilliant…gooooo u!!!
  5. sarahlo

    sarahlo Member

    Thanks guys! Think the friend STILL on ww is getting a bit sick of my general good humour teehee. As you can imagine I am now a fountain of motivation so if either of you need some don't be affraid to ask.

    Good luck with your weigh in Liz, I'm sure it will be epic and you can join me splashing around in the giant pool of motivation.
  6. Bratty

    Bratty Member

    Hi...I'm on day 8 and have lost 7 kgs already. Is this for real?!?! What about exercise? Or sweating it out? Will this actually work and in the end take away my bulges forever? (Unless I fall to my bad eating habits again of course). I was 122 kgs when I started a week ago and today I am 115 kgs . Have 40 kgs more to go.
  7. sarahlo

    sarahlo Member

    Wow Bratty what a great loss! I went into ketosis really quickly (day 1) and was suffering with the old ketosis flu just like everyone else when the other half dragged me to the gym. I started off really gently thinking I would get dizzy etc but ended up doing an hour or cardio and some light resistance. Endorphines made me feel so much better!!! This is just my experience but I would not recomend this to anyone who doesn't already use the gym. Good luck getting the rest of the weight off, I'm sure you will get there.:D
  8. Bratty

    Bratty Member

    Thank you Sarahlo! That info helped. I think I will hit the gym soon. I don't feel weak per say (I am a heavy guy and never been in a position where I've ever felt dizzy or weak) but I was just wondering of this diet works without ANY kind of exercise. What happens to extra body-folds? I had lost 26 kgs many years ago with just exercise n diet and I had gone really skinny. Will Cambridge diet have the same effect?
  9. nmninos

    nmninos Full Member

    Bratty thats great. Well done!!! Great results :)
  10. Bratty

    Bratty Member

    Day 10 *groans* craving food!!:) but must carry on...must carry on..
  11. sarahlo

    sarahlo Member

    Hi Bratty, the diet will still work really well without the exercise and I believe that for the first 2 weeks it is discouraged until your body gets used to a vlcd however, after that time light resistance and cardio are fine. You can up the exercise as you work up the stages. Unofficially I just go to the gym as normal (I work shifts so no real hard and fast rules there) and do what I feel I can manage safely.

    Ahhh I also feel your fear of folds but fortunately I have gotten off lightly so far (starting weight was 14st3lbs but used ww to gef off 2.5st) I expect I shall be noticing it more as I get closer to goal.

    Also No eating!! suck it up and stay strong!! tough love!!
  12. Carrie39

    Carrie39 Full Member

    Sarahlo - woo hoo! 11lbs - great start!

    Bratty that is amazing! I would have been testing the scales to see if they were broken ;) That's got to be motivation to keep going. Huge congrats! :)
  13. sarahlo

    sarahlo Member

    hey guys!
    did a sneeky non official wi and i have lost 2lbs since friday, not staggering but i'm still really pleased. How are you getting on this week?
  14. Dreamofsuccess

    Dreamofsuccess Full Member

    Well done that is massive!!! I bet you are proud of yourself. I hope I have as good a result on Friday.x
  15. sarahlo

    sarahlo Member

    hi dreamofsuccess, How long have you been on the diet? i'm sure if you have stuck to it you will get the result you want. I have my official WI on friday too.
  16. MrsGraham

    MrsGraham New Member

    I'm all new to this & this is my first reply ......... I'm also doing the SS+ Cambridge Weight Plan and lost 5lb in my first week. Your 11lb loss is AMAZING!!! Keep up the good work :clap: x
  17. sarahlo

    sarahlo Member

    thanks MrsGraham, I'm having a hollow day today and could kill for a curry so your encouraging reply is working wonders for my resolve. Thinking of going to step 2 next week before I start eating my fingers! How did you find your first week?
  18. sarahlo

    sarahlo Member

    little bit dissapointed today. I had my WI and only lost 2lbs. Putting it down to totm water retention but after a week of 100% feel like I deserve a better result. Ha just think if I had still been on ww I would have been thrilled with 2lbs off.
  19. Shellbells

    Shellbells Member

    Hi Bratty, I have been on the Cambridge diet since November and have lost 2 stone so far - 10lbs to goal! The only reason why I tried the diet is that I know of several people that have done this diet in the past few years and all of them have kept the weight off. I don't recommend exercising in the first month if you have not already been exercising regularly before starting the diet as you will find you won't have the strength and some people on this forum who did start exercising on the diet slowed down their weight loss as muscle weights more than fat so they were toning and losing inches but the scales slowed down. Hope this helps!

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