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SSoooo Hungry

Do the same myself.The kids have eaten better since I've been dieting than they ever have.

Don't eat them though.The taste of them will not be worth the self hate afterwards
and I am baking devil chocolate fairy cakes!! They are in the oven...!!

Why is it when I am dieting I bake!!


.......are you sure you're not some kind of sadist ???????!!!! :p:eek:

how can you bake when you are on SS......martyr to the end !!!

hope you're doin well...and didn't actually eat the fairycakes !!!

Debz xx


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
I must be honest and usually baking cakes does not affect me in any way, but I tried a new recipe and had a little tiny bite to try it. It was lovely and I probably would of eaten a load of them normally but no I threw the rest away.

It is my little boys birthday next Tuesday and I wanted to check a couple of recipes out before making his birthday cake.. This year it is hopefully going to be Thomas the Tank engine 3D!!

Hey poohbear,
you sound way domestic, what an awesome mom! Just sniff away by just smelling the aroma, no need to induldge, for calorie free sniffing, sniff on for hrs on end if needed..
Thomas the tank, oh how fun! pics please to showoff your talents!
Know what you mean PoohBear! why do we do it to ourselves???!!

My OH loves curries so I cook him 1 every other day with rice & naans etc. I know i'm a sadist but I'd rather do it to save my kitchen & pots/pans. Think its a clever ploy myself to save him from cooking!
no, have to say he is really supportive and is studying FT and working PT so this is te least I could do.
Oh such memories of when my boys were young and I used to make their birthday cakes. However, be STRONG. Little pickers wear big knickers and you will enjoy the birthday party more if you resist; the party is for junior and the weight loss is for YOU.

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