stabbing pains...

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  1. sugar_snap123

    sugar_snap123 Full Member

    in my stomach?

    im in work - and feeling realllly faint with really bad stabbing pains in my tummy?

    what is this :S

    it hurts :'(
    feeling quite weird aswell.

    linked to diet?

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  3. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    oooh, I can't say I have had stabbing pains. Do you think maybe you need the loo? It's the only thing I can think of? Hope the pain stops soon! x
  4. jabbathehut

    jabbathehut This is the last time!!

    I have read a few posts about Gall stones, apparently a fairly common thing with losing weight. If the pain continues get yourself to a doc.
  5. sugar_snap123

    sugar_snap123 Full Member

    oh great lol.

    well i havnt been going as regular as usual (sorry lol) so i did take something to help - and yesterday i did go ... but only a small amount so im guessing thats coz i havnt eaten??

    pain has been happening for like 3 hours now .. and my mum said it might be wind - so took stuff for that too...and no help?
    still really painful. apparantly where it hurts is my small intestines ... soo what does that mean?

    and my stomach is gurgling??? making weird bubbly noises...
    making me feel REALLY hungry too. :(

    it hurttttttts!

  6. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    oooh no, doesn't sound great - but my stomach makes gurgly sounds when I need to go. Maybe you should ring nhs direct if it goes on. x
  7. icemoose

    icemoose The Diet Guy


    Ok could be a few things i.e. constipation , gall bladder etc.

    I would recommend a quick call to NHS Direct to make sure you are safe and sound and have a chat with them.

    If it isn't better by tomorrow then pop along and see your GP.

    I am sure you are absolutely fine but always get anything checked out you aren't sure of.

  8. sugar_snap123

    sugar_snap123 Full Member

    yeah thanks guys.

    well mum thinks its wind... but they always think im over exaggurating the pain.

    the pain moves from lower left to right abdomen... however the gurgling is behind my right ribs... and quite high up (inbetween boob and where u belly button would be if it was further right.. )

    makes me curl up it hurts so much.
    Also I just went to the toilet (again i apologise) and it was very .. um... liquidy?

    pain still happening.. on and off now :(

    thanks for advice..
  9. jennikay

    jennikay Gold Member

    Aww :hug99:
    Stomach pains are horrible.

    How much fibre/PH husks have you had?

    I once got really annoyed with my system hurting/being blocked and had 8 PH tabs in a day, it worked (at 4am!).

  10. sugar_snap123

    sugar_snap123 Full Member

    no havnt taken anything extra - only the 3 shake/bar/soup a day.
    But took some tablets to help me go yesterday and it did a little lol.

  11. jennikay

    jennikay Gold Member

    What was it you took?

    I'd recommend going to your local supermarket provided it's still open and getting either fibresure powder or the PH tabs, going at 4am is better than not going :p

  12. sugar_snap123

    sugar_snap123 Full Member

    lol thanks jenni.

    my nearest supermarket is 20 miles away and im tucked up in bed. So i think ill get it tomorrow lol.

    you think its that then? What about he gurgling noises???

  13. jennikay

    jennikay Gold Member

    Oh, I get gurgling noises all the time.

    Nothing to worry about I don't think, someone once described it as all your fat gurgling away! :D

  14. sugar_snap123

    sugar_snap123 Full Member

    oh god i hope so.


    Thanks jennikay :)

  15. RachelM

    RachelM Full Member

    The gurgling noises could be the sound of your intestines moving things along. They contract and relax constantly to digest your food and to move along waste so it may just be being rather noisy about it x Especially if you're having to take any laxatives. What kind of laxative did you take if you don't mind me asking? Some can be quite aggressive in the way they work whereas others are much gentler. A bulking product such as fybogel or any fibre supplement will help to keep things regular and less painful x
  16. sugar_snap123

    sugar_snap123 Full Member

    Well my dad has some liquid laxatives that the doctor gave him coz hes having chemo treatment and they help keep it regular as it changes when u have the treatment.. so i had some of that.

    Forgotten what its called but it has same ingredients as the high street ones!

  17. jennikay

    jennikay Gold Member

    Fibre supplements (fibresure, fybogel, benefiber etc) are much better for you than laxatives :eek:

    Laxatives just push things out of your system, whereas fibre actually bulks out what you eat - meaning your system has something to work on!

    And like sleeping tablets, if you use them too much you can get dependent on them.

  18. RachelM

    RachelM Full Member

    very true, I think maybe let things settle down a bit tonight (the intestines are tough but they need a little tlc sometimes!) and then just introduce a fibre supplement into your diet, most of them can be put in a drink without any nasty tastes etc. It sounds like you have either had a stimulant laxative which acts as a boost to get things moving but can be aggressive and cause cramping, gurgling etc, or it may have been a lubricant laxative which just helps thing pass less painfully. They could more than likely be the cause of the stabbing pains but if it continues or gets worse definitely give the nhs direct a call or see your gp x hope this helps x
  19. claire1

    claire1 Silver Member

    how you feeling today honey x

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