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Hi there folks

i used to be 33 stone i am down to 15 st 10 lbs i was down at 14 st 7 lbs but for some reason i have put a little bit on. i have stuck to almost no carbs a day - under 10 G a day and its all from veg and so on. i dont touch sugar or white flower .

i used to eat under 1500 cals and do gym for a hour a day 3 times a week. in essance with the workout i was only eating 700 cals a day . i am now eating about 1800 - 2000 cals a day

i just feel my body is rebelling and wanting to add weight. i mostly eat protein. Chicken - a protein shake first thing in the morning. and to be honest my day is almost all protein apart from the veg. could this be whats adding weight? too much protein ? any thoughts? i wanna get back down to 14 St dead .

i stopped treat/cheat days. should i have one day every so often where i just increase my carbs and calories just to kinda reset my metabolism??
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Wow well done on the fantastic loss so far. Sorry I have no advice as I have never done low carbs. Is the weight gain sudden?

I wonder, if it carries on maybe a chat to the gp.....they could refer you to a dietician or check there is nothing underlying cause the weight gain.
I think it is possible for too much protein to cause an insulin spike which may lead to you gaining fat/weight. Someone on the low-carb forums should be able to help on this.

Possibly on the days you go to the gym you may need to up your carbs a bit to match your activity level.


Recovering chocoholic.
I think I have read before on low carb forums that it can help if actual protein is decreased & fat increased.

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