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Stalled and stumped!

I've stalled this week, lost 2lb in the first couple of days but have since stalled..... I've not cheated, I've not drank wine, drank at least 2 litres of water a day, eaten fatty meats, I've not eaten a lot of greens this week but defo under 20g carbs a day.... Would not eating greens stall me?

I normally lose 1-2 lb a day easily so I'm stumped......
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I'm only an week and a half it but having similar trouble! I got a bit close to giving up but found if I gave it a couple more days it sort of catches up with me. I lost nothing for 3 days then lost 2 lbs. I also increased the amount if water and greens so that could be it, worth a try cos I guess the green stuff gets things moving!

I also noticed that if I eat too late in the evening that has an effect in the morning when I weigh myself too...


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Hey hon - 1-2lbs a day! woop you lucky! your body is probably just catching up. whats your typical menu?


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How long have you been on the wagon now? Your loss is probably just slowing as your body gets used to constant low carb - losing 1-2lbs a day beyond the first couple of uninterrupted weeks would be very unusual?? That's more than you lose on a vlcd.
1-2lbs a day is one hell of a loss, your body is playing catch up
I've been on the wagon for 2-3 wks now and I didn't cheat last weekend!! And won't be this one either lol

Ive thought back and have eaten a lot of cheese this wk, more than
My normal babybel a day so no cheese next week for me!!! I am however 4 stone lighter than when I was at my heaviest which was probably 18 months ago

Still have 5-6 stone to lose and I'm feeling good and fully committed so intend to make a huge dent by sept as I have a very close friends wedding to attend and want to wear a dress... A real pretty one, not a long, black,cover everything smock haha
baby steps xx

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