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Stalling, out of keto and not sure why...


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Morning everyone,

Well I weighed myself yesterday and I had gained 1lb. I am a scaleaholic so I am aware of fluctuations. Can't help but feel slightly disappointed tho. Anyway, weighed myself this morning and I had lost 3/4 of a pound. I am worried that I have had too many carbs yesterday, and I am showing - on stix this morning.
So basically if I write down what I have eaten, will someone tell me if this is too many carbs? I have ordered the Atkins book on Amazon, but still not arrived..:confused::confused:


B: 3 loin chops
S: 100g olives - 2c
L: - Was really busy so didn't get chance.
D: Roast pork with 100g of vegetables - 50mls of gravy.
S: Pork scratchings

Very porky day!!

W: 3 litres. 1 cup coffee.
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Carbs are Evil
Hi, I'm only new to this but it could be the gravy x
Yes, what was in the gravy Gemsie?


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Well Jim, I made it up exactly as it said on the packet - 4 heaped 5ml teaspoons with 1/2 pint water. I had 50 mls, which apparently was 2.3c. Not sure I believe it tho. :( It was Bisto chicken granuales.
I found this Gemsie

Gravy, Chicken Granules Bisto 56.2 for 100GM


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TBH Jim, I think it was a mixture of the gravy and the vegetables. Oh well, just not going to have a loss as as big as last week - going to put myself on a VERY strict re-induction. Onwards and downwards. I am showing light pink on Keto's now, so I am hopeful that tomorrow I'll be back on track.. :)
Good for you Gemsie. ;)
gem you really need to stop weighing yourself on a daily basis, you could not really be stalling yet, your on strict induction so will be losing lb's as well as inches.

my brutally honest advice is...

stick to non processed meat and veg
ditch the stix and weigh once a week.


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