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Star week makng me want to binge

Today has been so hard, it really has.

Star week started 2 days ago and since then all I have wanted it chocolate chip cookies. We have some in the cupboard and it's taking all my will power to not eat them :( All I want to do today is binge. Im even having an extra HEXA as I normally only have 1, so used my second on LC cheese. Just want to sit here with every naughty food I can think of and eat it, especially a bar of Galaxy, chocolate chip cookies and a large bag of chili heatwave doritios.

I know this wouldnt be the answer and I would regret it tomorrow but what can I do? What do you ladies do when you get like this, surely I cant be alone?!

Hope your all having a lovely Friday xx
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I was craving the other day I gave in and had a little extra which was cheese and onion crisps. To my surprise as soon as I had them my cravings went.

Maybe its worth having a couple of cookies to get rid of the feeling or else you could end up eating more calories searching for something to fill the gap.

I know SW isn't about calories but when I am feeling like this I have to look at it from that perspective.

Hope the cravings pass soon x
Thanks, glad to know im not alone. Only problem being is that I dont have any more syns left to use today and the cookies work out at 5 syns each :( sob sob sob


Thanks, glad to know im not alone. Only problem being is that I dont have any more syns left to use today and the cookies work out at 5 syns each :( sob sob sob
Neither did I! I just had them anyway :eek: :D I figured 7 extra syns wouldn't kill me. Its only 1 less syn a day to make up although I never try to make up the extra.

Saying that before SW I wouldnt have been so controlled, so for me this is a major breakthrough.

Cant think of anything you could have that would hit the spot and be syn free..sorry.


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have you tried making a cous cous cake? they are sooooo stodgy they really fill a hole


is working hard.....
Sorry - I know I'm late to this but I do hope you are feeling a bit better this morning.
I'm on * week too but my 'solution' this time was alittle bit more radical as I'm on crutches and simply couldn't get to the food! :) xx
Thanks all. To be honest, I feel so much better getting last night out of my system. Dont feel too guilty this morning and back on track today :) xx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
you're body is craving sugar which in our minds we associated with chocolate, etc. when i feel like this i have a massive serving of pasta and that feeling goes. something like pasta or jacket potatoes are great for that.

if you really want something sweet and stodgy then perhaps a syn free rice pudding might work for you ;) or just pile up some minimilks (1.5 syns each) and wade your way through them!


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hey SJ, just draw a line under it babes, its only once a month eh? :D

Hope you are feeling fully focused today :D even if it is a gloomy day, smile and the sun might shine :D xxx

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