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star week


I used to be really bad, to the point I would pass out, nothing would really stop the pain, but cold toast and jam would ease it, I wonder if the carbs helped me.

Try a hot water bottle with some strong painkillers, I also used to go to sleep in the loo because it was the coldest place in the house.

The pain went as soon as I started the pill, then after had my first child the monthly pain stopped altogether, thank goodness.


is getting better at it
soccermom thats exactly how it is for me at the moment, but dont intend to have kids. lol

fern you are right it needs to go away, i think i must be the only person looking forward to the menopause (sp), sad or what


Slow but sure....
Have you tried Solphadeine Soluable Tablets, they are Codeine & Paracetomol - they hit the spot quickly too with them being soluable.

I hope you feel better soon.


I will succeed!!!
I've noticed mine are getting worse as I lose weight - I think it's simply because I'm working out and toning up so more muscles to cramp.

I find a hot water bottle, two liquid gel capsules and a hot vimto helps me.

Hope you feel better soon xx
Eurgh!! No aquafit for me this eve.. ffs. Iv spent the last 7 months waiting for it to come, and now its here.. i certainly have not been missing out.

Back on the pill it is for me. Gosh what a shock. I want my period-free life back! x

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