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STARLIGHT?????..I have had the bouillon

OMG!! Where do i start???

I have just had a mug of Bouillon, and it was the first time i have completely finished a hot drink in 3 weeks!! It was absolutely lovely, and tasted just like soup!!

I am going to continue to have 1 a day until my weigh in and see what happens, but i am going to ring/email Lipotrim if i get time tomorrow.

It is absolutely delicious...

Thank you all for your input and i know opinions differ, but a special thank you to Starlight for making this diet a little easier and more bearable x x

To anyone who wants to try it, please read the threads on it and make up your own mind, but i can honestly say that unless i go down to a 2lb loss more than once, it will be part of my daily routine as it makes LT more interesting x x x
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Thank you so much x x x
Oooooo keep me posted. I might get some next week. But I need a good loss after my last one, so am not gonna risk anything just yet.
How do u mix it.. i made a cup with 1 (flat) teaspoon and it tasted of nothing, i got the low salt vegan one. (tried it with 2 tea spoons and it tasted fine, but didn't drink it til i checked the right measurements.)
I just put a just over level teaspoon into a mug, and poured boiling water on top.. It smelt lovely, and tasted fantastic, like vegetable soup.. It even had little veggie lumps in it!! lol

Missy, i don't know which one i got.. It is reduced salt, organic, and has an orange lid.. It says gluten free and dairy free, but i can't see any reference to vegans x x
Mine has orange lid, def has vegan on it, may try and get a dif one cos is a bit watery

It says "marigold Organic Swiss Vegetable Bouillon powder"
Instant stock or delicious hot drink
Reduced salt

Is that the same hun?
Marigold swiss vegetable vegan bullion powder reduced salt.. must be the vegan-ness that makes it not as tasty.
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I got it too, tastes just like the scotch broth i used to buy when on lighter life!!! I'm with you lot, if it helps me keep on track without affecting my weight loss too much then bring on the boullion!! :) x x x
I want it - is it at Adsa or Morrisons?
Question - why have we all adopted this particular brand?
I have just been on Asda online and found it... the low salt one actually has more calories and carbs than the normal one. also there are other boullions and stocks, like chjicken etc that are abvout the same nutrition etc...

just wondering if there was any reason why this particular brand is hot?

Im going to buy some anyways :)
i went for the reduced salt one in the end as negligible differences.... its very tasty! only need a tiny bit of the powder though for a delicious mug... like half a teaspoon.... a nice treat...


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The regular version is yum. I can't bear the taste of the lower salt version, and think they actually both taste completely different! The regular version doesn't have little bits in either, which is a shame, as that's the only thing I did like about the low salt one lol.

hey all i got some yesterday not tired it yet, but they didnt have the powder opne in asda so i got the one in aa liquid in a bottle, same thing the lady said
Good luck Nat.. It's lovely... I have it as my hot drink when i am watching Eastenders!! lol x x
i want to try it but confused as to which to buy is there another thread on this, is it ok'd by lipotrim.

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